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Michelle Caporale | Psychic Medium & Intuitive Reader
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Michelle Caporale

Psychic Medium Intuitive Reader

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Michelle Caporale | Intuitive Reader & Medium is the perfect place to find clarity and peace of mind. I offer intuitive readings to help guide you on your spiritual journey. These readings are a combination of clairvoyance, clairaudience, and clairsentience, and provide a unique insight into your life.I believe in the power of intuition and its ability to uncover the truth. Through my readings, I help my clients to get in touch with their inner wisdom and their higher self. I'm passionate about empowering individuals to make the most of their lives and I'm looking forward to working with you.

Please purchase the amount of time you would like on the "Purchase a Session" page. Classes, info, charts and quality reading is available. 

“It is with pleasure to endorse Michelle Caporale. Michelle assisted me on several investigations while I was a member of the NYPD Cold Case Squad. With minimal information given, Michelle’s accuracy was incredible. She was so dead on with some of the facts it was scary.

To show her gifts and talents, she did private readings of my partner and myself that were right on. Now that I am retired, I have no problem speaking freely about Michelle’s abilities.

I will not discuss specifics on cases but will go on record suggesting that more police departments and District Attorney’s offices should utilize Michelle’s gifts as a Medium. I plan on using Michelle and her remarkable gifts, talents, and abilities again in the future.”

- Mark W. Valencia,
Retired NYPD Detective Cold Case Squad
Current New York State Private Investigator
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Learn about intuition, your loved ones who’ve crossed. 

Now Available
Relationship Reset | Michelle Caporale | Your Guide to Vibrant Love
Relationship Reset: Your Guide to Vibrant Love

Love makes the world go round yet often makes us feel like it stopped spinning. My goal is to share with you how to “feel, know and pick your partner”. Perhaps you’re here to learn how to breathe new life into your relationship life after some frustrating experiences. Or you might be struggling with a difficult relationship and you want to learn how things could be different for you.

You may be in a place of confusion followed by a hearty dose of heartbreak. 
You may have come across my work online and you’re simply curious to know more about what I can offer you.
Well—you’re certainly in the right place!

My work is all about connection. I help my clients to align their present with their future, using communication from the spirit world often from your loved ones that have crossed. 
So—why is this book for you?

After helping thousands of people to reset their relationship approach and cultivate vibrant love in their lives, I want to offer you the very same. Why?

I know in my soul that you deserve the kind of love that will make you feel the best of yourself. I want you to have the kind of relationship where you are valued and don’t have to fight for someone’s attention anymore.

This is your chance to relationship RESET.
This is the moment where you shake off the old and embrace the new.

Consider this book the changing of a lightbulb in your life and experiences. We’re here swapping out the old, the dusty,
and the broken for brighter and more vibrant illumination.

Are you ready to give up what isn’t working? 

Yes, I had a feeling you might feel that way!
As women, we think nothing of getting our hair done, nails refreshed, and our personal appearance taken care of when we are out looking for a new partner. 

By doing so, we are sending out messages to the Universe (and to the men we might date) that we are ready for a new relationship - and soon.

More than often, we forget how very lovely we really are and lose sight of what we truly deserve.
You should get up each day and be your best self.

You should be doing it for you, not to impress someone else.

You may have forgotten you’re already quite impressive.

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