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2021 Predictions

The world is on stage this up coming year. Unity is the key word.

We've seen seclusion with a virus that was well disguised.

Covid 19 will take a tumble come summer of the year.

There will be more unanswered questions on how the world will cope with ways to deal with this virus.

There will be better opportunities for this through scientific evidence.

People will not subject to being conditioned. You will see unity among communities both private and economically so the world can get back to normal.

Sadly, many businesses will not come back but new venues will open. Its almost as if we’re being aligned for better.

More families will leave the city for a much more serene suburban neighborhoods.

You will see new technology more then prior years.

The Space program will find more then what we anticipate. A new planet is discovered by the end of 2021.

The film industry suffers greatly this year. Many more will turn to streaming.

Broadway will need assistance getting back on its feet.

Political movements continue which change the face of America. This is a good thing as we need change.

The economy will take another hit come mid year and a bit before but then will rally back. New jobs will be created and offered. Industry will start up again.

We will see more natural disasters closer to the New Zealand area.

This just a cycle of the earth moving. It will create a domino affect.

Italy will be in the limelight but I can’t understand why. This does have to do with the Vatican.

The political agenda continues. Though there will be some balance of power as the Senate takes the GOP side.

The good thing is that we as a people unify to come together.

Many will split from 9-5 jobs and begin working from home as companies will view that less of a liability. More companies will approve a four day work week.

More politicians will be exposed for corruption. This is good as it gives those who are honest and care for their citizens an opportunity to step up.

2021 will be a little bumpy but will also be a year of the rose colored glasses coming off and a better year then last.

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