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Does manifesting really work?

When lightning shoots through the air, it creates a sound we call thunder. The same applies to manifesting. It’s energy. Lightning comes from the ground not the sky.

Our thoughts come from our minds which creates a downpour in the Universe. We are what we think. Manifesting does work, however, you need to LET IT WORK! A lot of people fail to get results because they're too doubtful or worried that they won't get it. So they try HARDER and things start to go worse!

Let me tell you that you need to completely let go of the belief that you need to TRY HARD to manifest something, in fact it will do just the opposite! When it comes to the Law of Attraction and manifesting, it's the easy process that delivers results.

If you struggle or try hard, the subconscious mind feels that the thing you desire is hard or impossible to get, and as a result you face circumstances that match that feeling. For getting results, try to let go of the outcome and simply focus on feeling good!

Don't be too needy when trying to do so and just don't give the thing that much importance. As paradoxical as it might sound, this is the missing key to the Law of Attraction and manifesting. It's counterintuitive but yet it works marvelously well!

The real trick in manifesting is to release your pre-conceived notion of what you “think” it is that you want.

Here’s a perfect example; Remember the movie Charlie and the Chocolate factory? Im speaking of the original with Gene Wilder. Remember Julie Dawn Cole as Veruca Salt in “I Want It Now”? Omg, she was such a brat! I could never get away with speaking to my father that way and live.

Im not encouraging that you or I behave like a spoiled little brat to get what we want. However, there was a good lesson Veruca taught us. She wasn’t afraid to tell you what she wanted. Maybe she could’ve been a good egg and went about it a different way but that was just her unforgettable personality. She was manifesting what she wanted by demanding it.

She got what she wanted BUT she wasn’t very specific. Down the hatch she went. Wanting the whole world is a broad and vast statement. The same applies to manifesting. If you’re wanting a specific person to love you, you’re trying to force their will. That’s not manifesting.

Instead; “ I want someone who… fill it in”. I know you’re thinking but that’s not the person I want. Did you ever think the person you want isn’t good for you? The Universe is like a huge recording button. It listens to everything you say, want and ask for. Be aware of that! After years of doing this or that I’ve mastered the art of manifesting. I never said I had a blast doing it. It’s trail and error but you learn.

I‘m still learning. That means I’m alive, here and have more to accomplish!

I’ve even composed a class to teach manifesting the right way. It’s being put on the site for you to enroll and learn what I’ve learned. I created the class after being asked how do I manifest more times then I can count. Guess what? I manifested every part of that information and have been manifesting the “right” audience to share it with. And, they’ve been showing up.

With Love,


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Where was it posted? Had no idea. For next time around.

Michelle Caporale
Michelle Caporale
Jul 15, 2021
Replying to

I am notifying those that are on my list of who wants to take the course. Everyone can let me know and they’ll be on my waiting list. ❤️


Got to go look at your class!

Michelle Caporale
Michelle Caporale
Jul 15, 2021
Replying to

Thank you! Full this time around. ❤️

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