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Happy Mother’s Day

When I was very young I became pregnant. I was scared, alone, broke and yes, pregnant.

Many family members were disappointed in me. They offered me help in ways I did not want nor accepted. I worked hard. I loved my child’s father very much so we married.

Most young marriages do not last. We decided to roll the dice. We loved each other. My pregnancy was hard, I couldn’t keep anything down and after a few months I was placed on bed rest. Therefore, I could not continue to work. My sole support system was my husband at that time.

A few people were wonderful to us. My Aunt and Uncle who have since passed, my husband’s parents. A few friends. My Mother but she was in a pickle. Those were scary days. I didn’t feel well, I was very young and had no idea what would come next or how we were going to be ok. I was living on blind faith.

Each month that passed brought me closer to meeting this little soul living inside of me. I felt the daily kicks, weird sensation. I was in awe of what my body could do. The day came for me to experience labor. Though it was painful, it was worth that pain.

We met our daughter. She was magnificent! My life had literally taken a different path. I gave up the hope of college, all the dreams I had of what I wanted to do. None of that mattered because my daughter was my world.

Life was perfect. We were broke but happy. I worked opposite shifts so we didn’t need child care. Maternal instincts naturally kicked it. Though I’ll admit, I was a bit overboard. Me? Of course. LOL

This child was my everything and still is today. A few years later we had a son whom we love just as much.

We did divorce but we kept on good terms because of our children. Years went by and I was able to finally attend school. I re married, so did their Father. Everything fell into place. Yes, there were dark days. Hard times but good times. Good memories.

My children were growing. My relationship was perfect. I had a good job. If I had to do it over again, I would. I wouldn’t skip parts or place people in certain positions. I would leave it all as it was. I learned so much.

I learned what unconditional love is. I learned there is no greater power on this earth then my love for my children except the love from God. I learned strength and tenacity. I learned to push through heartache and still stand up. I learned that no matter what, my children were the best blessings I could ever ask for.

I learned what being a Mother really meant. It was and still is life changing. It’s pure, potent magic. You will forever wear your heart outside of your body. You will laugh, cry, scream, yell. You will smile and pray like you never did before. You will lose sleep, be exhausted, then crash.

Your life will never be as it was before but you will be greatly enriched with love and happiness that could fill oceans. The world will never look the same. It’s not supposed to.

Here is to Motherhood! Here’s to my mom, I love you! Here’s to my children for making me a mom. Happy Mother’s Day to all our moms here and above. Here’s to love!

Much Love,


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