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Life lessons from our pets

When you pay attention to the way an animal/pet behaves you can learn wonderful lessons.

This blog is dedicated to our girl; “Coral” who passed away peacefully in my arms on 2/18/11 from congestive heart failure. Our Vet was kind enough to come to my home and do what was needed in order to avoid Coral suffering.

Coral is a German shepherd who was a little short of 14 years old. I say this because I know that death is not the end. It is a transition. None the less, my family and I have taken it very hard. Coral is a funny soul, she read people well, and I should have added her as a recommended reader on my web site. (LOL)

Animals have no ego. They are here to please, love and receive love. They do not have the kind of expectations that human beings have nor do they care about appearances.

My dogs have taught me many things and if I continue to pay attention to these lessons, I will surely become a much better person. So, I have listed what I have learned so far from not only Coral but Rizz, Jasmine, Chez and now Joy.

  1. I don’t have to dress to impress. I am who I am. No matter what weight or color I am, the dogs do not care.

  2. Money means nothing; you really can’t take it with you when you go.

  3. Napping is a necessity. You need your rest.

  4. You cannot please everyone. (Coral had a way about her, she didn’t care if you did not like her)

  5. Ego never gets you anywhere.

  6. Kindness is imperative in this world.

  7. Things happen that are painful and unfair, love and live anyway.

  8. Live in the moment. Dogs don’t panic about tomorrow.

  9. You don’t need that chocolate!

  10. Run around like crazy, it’s fun.

  11. A clean house is nice, a happy home is better. Don’t be obsessive.

  12. Work hard, play hard.

  13. Who cares about cranky people, you don’t need then anyway.

  14. Love is unconditional. (Animals just love you)

  15. Holidays are a way to commercialize things. Christmas should be every day.

  16. Be kind to the earth

  17. Volunteer your time. ( Coral was once my son’s show and tell for the week when he was in grammar school ) My dogs were often taken to nursing homes and able to play with sick children.

  18. Kisses are worth having.

  19. Being tickled is part of life

  20. Get over yourself, don’t take things so seriously.

  21. Politics are stupid.

  22. War is a bad thing. Peace is better

  23. Forgive everyone

  24. Farting and burping is part of life.

  25. Texting, cell phones and technology matter not.

  26. Crying is okay.

  27. Laugh your butt off, smiling is contagious.

  28. Don’t worry so much if someone leaves you, someone new will come along. The dogs will always stay.

  29. Being faithful has it’s perks

  30. Your profession does not define you and you are replaceable except to those that love you.

  31. Death is not final. Keep it all simple.

  32. There is a God. Spell dog backwards; “duh.”

I am sure as I grow I will continue to learn more.

Coral will be forever in our hearts and memory. She gave us a gift when she chose my children and I and she left us her love when she passed away.

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