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Prediction for 2014

2014- Predictions

The World is on stage this year. Everyone will play a part in various future occurrences.

1. The Global Economy will continue to be up and down.

2. Large Corporations will fall, while smaller businesses will start to be supported by local communities abroad.

3. The U.S. Government will still suffer from set backs in regards to what “truths” will be officially out in the open.

4. People all over this planet will begin to pull together to speak their peace without haste but rather in a peaceful presentation with power behind them as in ” unity”.

5. Unfortunately, the weather changes will bring global events that will be destructive. (This breaks my heart). Mother nature is always fair but we have been neglectful of her “presence”. I have my eyes set on Turkey as a nation with some Catastrophic events. Yet, we can all help when this occurs which would be in Late Spring to early summer.

6. People are beginning to wake the heck up and see what is going on. Need I say more on that subject? Nope.

7. There will be more demand on freedom and the U.S Constitution being upheld.

8. This year people will be more empathatic towards the environment and take a stand against harmful toxins as well as their right to choose what is best for their families.

9. Empathy is the essential goal for this year and you will not only feel it within yourself, you will see others acting in such a way that you may be pleasently surprised.

10. Slowly but surely positions held in the seats of the House and Congress will change as elections in the U.S. will take place mid year. (This may be good in order to change some things in place that may not be working)

11. Hollywood will find themselves not getting the response in monetary gain as people are beginning to slowly go back to Family Values in regards to riding violence and sexual content.

12. Pay attention to China. They will excel in things that have to do with Space. This applies to Russia as well. In regards to our Universe other “things” will be disclosed which will spark a lot of conspirecy but later be proven truthful. ( I do not know how to say that any better).

13. This is a year of Prayer, not religion. Faith, not Religion.

It is advisable that we pray for our leaders, countries, each other and everyone we know. It is a faith based year where all faiths will start to feel they can pull together. There will be struggles in the Middle East, as always. There will be some who feel this is insane and will do just the opposite but majority rules.

Many of us will feel the need to move and change careers. Opportunities will be available. Smaller will be better for most. Money will not rule but communities will pull together.

It is an ending and then a new beginning in 2014 which will start the presedent for the next 2 years.

With love,


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