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Rest of the year predictions

2021 didn’t start with a bang, it started with crash and burn. Many things I wrote for new year predictions have come to pass but there’s more.

  1. Unrest goes on, though they say unity is the key. Unity cannot be found when there is lack of respect. That’s being worked on by the people.

  2. Covid is real but not stemming from where you may think. It’s a personal battle to decide but however it got here, it’s simmering down in spite of what you’re hearing. People are getting better. Do you research!

  3. Be aware of the weather changes, this is not climate change, this is normal. Hurricane Season is rough. I get 5 major storms to hit the United States. Louisiana is targeted this season. The east coast is also at risk.

  4. More jobs are added, more are lost. The economy is slow grow. It picks up in October. Before then it moves but slowly.

  5. Before the 17th of June this year you will see a big change in Government under the