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Watching with pride from the side

Love, loss and signs from the beyond

We recently attended a wedding that was my daughter's best friend. It was beautiful. Typical Italian, northern wedding. Many of you will understand what I am saying when I describe that.

Unfortunately, the brides mother passed away many years ago when she was a young girl, but that bride grew up to be a beautiful woman, and during her formative years, she became best friends with my daughter and their other best friend. The decades of friendship has been nothing short of a blessing between these three girls, now grown women and all married.

Everyone knows what I do it's not uncommon it's not a secret. There are so many times that I don't publicly express when I'm seeing or feeling something in order not to startle someone, or open up that door of conversation. There are appropriate times.

During the ceremony when the bride and groom were changing vows, to the left of the bride behind her, stood her mother who had passed. She was in an alluninating silvery dress; smiling.

I could see her clear as day and we locked eyes for only a moment. She said nothing but I knew she was so happy and proud to be there. Then she left almost as fast as she appeared.

She stood at the reception for the first dance as the newly bride and groom took their first steps as husband and wife, then left again. I never saw her the rest of the evening. Her presence was warm, loving and prideful. I kept looking to see if anyone other then myself had caught a glimpse of her. It didn't appear as such.

You may not always be able to see, or hear your loved ones. I can assure you without a doubt that when they visit or make their presence known, they're there. Maybe one day I'll share that with the bride.

Though there are many signs our family is around here are just a few.

1. "When my daughter passed, a butterfly flew into the funeral home and flew above me — I didn’t see it but everyone else did. Since then every time I see a butterfly I whisper ‘hi’ to my baby girl.” — Sharon

2. “My mom used to feed the chipmunks and squirrels. We don’t have chipmunks in FL. I live on the fourth floor and a squirrel will look into my sliding glass door at least once a week. I know it’s my mom checking in.” ⁠— Lynn

3. "My dad sends me dimes. I put them in a special bank. I have over $70 in dimes. I wish he would up the ante, though. LOL." — Debbie

4. “My husband was diagnosed with terminal cancer and while he was sick, he came and woke me up at 2:30 a.m. to come see a deer outside our front window, eating the dahlias he’d planted. Every time I now see a deer on my home camera, I’m pretty sure it’s him.” — Katie McVay

5. “It’s been a little over a year since my grandmother was murdered. This Saturday would have been her 70th birthday. Ever since she passed, I’ve seen an abundance of butterflies. It’s not just seeing them at random...they always seem to find their way to me. I even got a yellow one as a part of my memorial tattoo for her. I know the pain you’re feeling, but it’s comforting to know our loved ones are sending us a sign they are okay.” — Abbie

6. “My dad sends me feathers! Just now, I saw a dove above, it loses a feather and lands in a tree. I just went over to the tree, and the feather fluttered down into my hand!” — Patrice

7. "My nanny (grandmother) passed in 2002. Whenever I see a butterfly I think of her. Earlier this year we went to visit my grandfather's grave in Cassino, Italy. A blue butterfly followed me around the graveyard. Nanny's favorite color was blue. I know she was there with us while we visited her husband, who died in World War II in 1944." — Kelly

May you be blessed in all you do.

Congratulations to the happy couple. We love you very much.

With Love,


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