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What happens after death?

I've been a Medium since I was 11 years old.

I never knew it until I got in to my early 20s and the things that I have seen and felt and experienced have brought me to this place in life. It's a good read. So, I'm sharing. I want your experiences In the comments and your thoughts. We will do a live on this soon.

People Who Came Back to Life Reveal What They Saw on “the Other Side”Marissa LaliberteUpdated: May 31, 2022

It's the question we've all asked: What happens after death? These people say they have an idea.

1 Can people really see things when they’re “dead”?No matter what you believe about the afterlife (or lack thereof), there’s no denying that plenty of people have claimed to see visions or have out-of-body experiences after their hearts have stopped.

Skeptics might brush those off, but researchers have found that most near-death experiences tend to have common themes: Feelings of leaving or returning to their bodies, a sense of peace, bright lights, and encounters with spirits or people. In fact, medical treatment is good enough now that there’s a difference between clinical death (no breath or pulse, but could still be resuscitated) and biologic death (actually dead). Even cynics might get chills hearing about these otherworldly visions from people who were clinically dead or close to it.

2 “The most glorious feeling”In 1994, orthopedic surgeon Tony Cicoria called his mom from a pay phone during a lake house trip. They’d hung up but he still had the phone in his hand when a blue flash came out. He hadn’t realized there’d been a lightning storm brewing. He felt his body fly backward—and then, confusingly, forward. Cicoria turned around to see his own body lying on the ground. “I’m dead,”