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Meet Michelle

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Michelle studied under Dr. Paul Daniele, Ph.D., D.D., P.C, the president of the College of Metaphysical Studies in Clearwater, Florida.
Majoring in metaphysical science, she earned a four-year degree as a Spirit Medium, as well as a second degree as an Intuitive Practitioner.

She continued her studies gaining her a Life Coach Certification as well as a Certified Reiki Master.

She travels abroad teaching classes and holding events to enlighten and read for audiences in large venues.

She is available for group events as well and works with Law Enforcement all over the world. 

Please book in advance as sessions and classes fill. You can also enroll in classes on line and will be able to study at your own pace as well as continued guidance from Michelle in a more from home setting. 



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She Knows a Thing or Two

Michelle has many attributes that can be used in order to serve each querent, including Mediumship (Spirit Communicator), Clairaudience (Clear Hearing), Clairsentience (Clear Feeling), Clairvoyance (Clear Seeing), and Psychometry (Reading the energy attached to objects and photos). As soon as Michelle connects with an individual, she can immediately tap into using these tools. To date, She has worked on several cold cases with Police Departments and families in New York, Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina, New Jersey, and California. Michelle’s medium and intuition ability experiences began when she was visited by her great grandmother the night of her wake at the age of eleven.

Healing Through Communication and Validation

Can my loved ones who’ve passed on still hear me? Is there really life after death? Yes. Losing those we love and hold dearly is a deeply painful experience. There is no limit on grief and no specific way to grieve. Loved ones, and even pets, often come through validating their unique presence in your life. This surely does not ease your pain, but can bring comfort. It is with great love, empathy, and gratitude that Michelle exhibits with each mediumship session.

Michelle is here to empower you to create a fulfilling life. Closure can be present after a session helping each individual to gain a better perspective, to know those they love are not lost.


Education & Certifications