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What They're Saying

"Take her Intuitive Lessons 4-week course. You will have more information than what you expected and better tools to use in your daily life."

- Andrew Boorthen

"You will be very pleased upon the information you receive. Its invaluable. She is by far one of the most detailed intuitives I have met. 

- Cathy Monelom

"Incredible Medium. She helped us by giving her time on a case that had been cold. Her time was donated to our Missing persons organization in the Carolinas. We were able to give closure to our Family and local Law Enforcement". 


"We loved our party and sessions individually that Michelle did at our home. Worth the wait and the money. She is very approachable and warm so it was easy to feel comfortable around her."

Ridgewood, NJ

"Michelle is authentic. She is professional, considerate, generous and very much correct when I reached out to her for a session. She is calming. Michelle has a way about her that she is able to deliver the truth in a gentle yet candid way. She always shows you a path to take instead of leaving you feeling stuck, which I have been for more then I care to say. It is wise to be skeptical and she will tell you that upfront but when you meet her there is no way to doubt her abilities. I finally found an honest reader. Love & Blessings to you. Thank you hun."

- David E. – Tampa, Florida

"It is my pleasure deliver this testimonial. I thoroughly enjoyed the specifics and information you were able to provide. You were prompt to call, professional, kind and truthful. I am glad I found you."

- Alan Callot – Clermont, Florida

"I can only attest that she is real. We reached out to her for our Business party and not only did we have a blast, our employees and family members really enjoyed her readings. She is very personable, warm and accurate."

- Element Salon Inc. – NPR, FL.

“It was a wonderful validation at your office today. I am happy to write this review for you. You have given me much to ponder and a new direction.”

- Angie (Tampa, FL)


“Our session was enlightening, healing and very comforting. Michelle is a very kind and professional individual. She gave us peace as well as coping skills. The office atmosphere and her warmth was soothing, which helped put us at ease.”

- Francis (Virginia Beach, VA)


“My Mom, brother and myself had the pleasure of meeting Michelle at her private office as we live locally. Our session was clear, articulate and helpful as she was able to give us specifics in the directions we all needed to go. Our family has been torn over personal relationships and struggles. Michelle was very to the point and we thoroughly enjoyed meeting her as well as gaining insight which is what was needed.”

- J.Cavaverin (NPR, Florida)


“Michelle’s insight into who I am without knowing a thing about me and her abilities are astounding. I feel that she read me and my situation extremely accurately and without judgment. On top of being kind, considerate and generous, she also has an undeniable gift, and I would highly recommend her.”

- Courtney (Beach Haven, NJ)


“Ms. Caporale is a true professional. She has given our Family peace in a very stressful and heartbreaking case. We highly recommend her Mediumship gifts. She is honest, loving, caring and very giving of her gifts. A parent’s worst nightmare is to lose a child. She went above and beyond to help our Family. She is authentic.”

- Carolyn & Family (North Carolina)


“I decided to follow up with Michelle once again. I’m glad as another relative sadly passed. She was able to bring forth the validation I needed. Thank you for helping me sort this through.”

- Jess (Arizona)


"Excellent! She donated my reading to my Humane Society. How kind. – found out after."

- Kenneth (FL)

"I really thought all was lost but Michelle was able to help me find my Grandmothers broach. Thank you."

- Jessie (AZ)


"I waited to get my reading because she was backed up. I would recommend her as I felt she was honest and gave a lot of information."

-Amy (British Columbia, Canada)

"Thank you from India. Your Email Reading was guided, professional, and a world full of information, confirmation, and more validation than I anticipated. We shall be in touch."

- Riya (India)

"The Case we have been working on has finally cracked. I can only thank Michelle Caporale for her detailed insights in helping our local Sheriff in the right direction for the justice of our community. I knew Michelle has worked on Cases with the NYPD so I was referred to her. Very happy my Family and I sought her remarkable talents. THANK YOU!"

- DW (South Carolina)

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