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Being Positive In A Negative World

Its simply easy to just get sucked in to negativity. Just turn on the news, that’s all it takes. I try to avoid these things for the purpose of staying as grounded as I can. It’s not easy.

I care very much about the world. Yet, I have to keep my head on straight or I cannot thrive.

Here are some tips to help you be positive in a negative world.

  1. Pray.. Prayers connects you.

  2. Read a great book

  3. play board games with friends or family.

  4. Meditate

  5. volunteer

  6. Be with Animals. Animals are soothing. They’re non judgemental too.

  7. Plant something you like or wish to grow. I personally love watching food grow and being part of that cycle. It makes me connect with the earth and I feel very empowered.

  8. Write down goals, even simple ones

  9. Take a daily walk, it’s very refreshing to get out and move your body.

  10. Donate to a thrift store. It’s always a good time to Spring Clean.

With love,

Michelle xo

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