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Being the Crutch

Being the crutch

No matter who you are or what your situation is, your life is going to be a struggle. Some struggle more than others and in different ways, but in the end, we all struggle to live. It’s the true reason human beings need each other — because without one another to rely on, most of us wouldn’t make it. Arguably, none of us would. People need other people in their lives, and good people are always willing to help friends in need. The problem is understanding what will help — and what won’t — can often be difficult. More often than not, a helping hand turns into a crutch. While crutches are sometimes necessary, relying on them for too long weakens you. Not using your legs for so long only means you’ll find it much harder when you finally have to.  

When we find ourselves in tough situations, we take whatever help we can get. The problem is we often take more than we ought to; it’s human nature. So if you’re the one helping your friend get back on his feet, you need to make sure you help him in a way that actually helps him. Being supportive is helping someone help himself — being someone’s crutch is helping him as if he couldn’t help himself. I believe you should do your best to rely on other people as little as possible. While some might differ, it’s what I believe. If you can avoid relying on someone, you’re better off doing so. My belief doesn’t stem from the thought people shouldn’t be trusted, or we should do our best to live our lives in solitude. Instead, at any moment in your life, you may find you relied on the wrong people. It happens. When it does, you’re the one who ends up paying for it. Sometimes, however, we have no choice but to ask for a helping hand. Sometimes we’re hanging off the side of a cliff and find our arms are too weak to hold on to the cliffside. It’s moments like this you’ll be glad you have