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Bring me the money & then some!


You can’t receive if you don’t KNOW what you want!

You must be absolutely certain..

Really, really decide what you want and why. BEING specific sends out the details to the Universe.

Do you want new clothes because they make you feel good and confident? Is a promotion at work or new clients what you desire? If so, why? I doubt it’s just the money. We always want more then what we think. A great relationship?

Don't forget your health. You want to be healthy, right?

What will it bring? Do you actually want more clients to help? Do you truly want that promotion? Do you desire the promotion because it’s what you deserve?

Everything is energy! We are all energy. What we think, we believe.

What we truly desire, we have to know we truly deserve it!

Write your desires down along with why you deserve them and what good your having these things is going to bring to the world!

Webster’s Dictionary.. 

manifest adjective

man·​i·​fest | \ ˈma-nə-ˌfest

Definition of manifest (Entry 1 of 3)

1: readily perceived by the senses and especially by the sense of sight

Their sadness was manifest in their faces.


: easily understood or recognized by the mind : OBVIOUS. Obvious, see that word?

manifest verb

manifested; manifesting; manifests

Definition of manifest (Entry 2 of 3)

transitive verb

: to make evident or certain by showing or displaying

manifest noun

Definition of manifest (Entry 3 of 3)


Manifesting means indicating what is obvious!

It’s not hard to manifest you just need to practice. Then it becomes like washing your hands.

Here are Six Steps for what you want to manifest to have and how to have them show up:

1. Ask -Define exactly in detail what you want to manifest into your life. If it is a new job then what type what role, where and salary. Be very detailed.

2. When will this show UP? Not necessarily an exact date but a time-frame within the year? Next few months? Now ask yourself why do you want it? So you want a new job so you can pay your bills, buy a new home within the next month? Sometimes the universe can give you the gift sooner or sometimes the more disbelieve you may also prolong your manifestation. Be flexible with your dates.

3. Receive, Surrender and Trust in the Universe. This has to be something you believe can come into your life. It’s difficult from making $30,000 to $200,000. You have to believe your consciences and the physical are both in alignment. Do you feel worthy of your worth? —FEEL WORTHY.. YOU ARE! How does it feel? How does it feel to have a new job? The extra money? Think of one thing that will happen when you get what you want and tell no one what that one thing is. If you can think of nothing just say thank you.

4. Gratitude — Thank you, thank you, thank you! Say thank you as many times as you can. Manifest from gratitude not from fear or lack of. Be in gratitude for what you do have. A home for shelter, family for unconditional love and loved ones to share your life.

5. Go into a meditative state and review what you want from few steps. Then repeat as many times as necessary or until you manifest. If you feel more comfortable start on a smaller scale.

6. Write a Manifestation List or send yourself a daily email. Write out all your hopes and dreams, and why you want this. What and why is it that you want? Writing allows you identify what is important and what you cannot put into words but what you wish to manifest. So not only are you asking on a physical level but you are also using your higher-self or consciences to give you the answers. Also writing gives you clarity and goals.

Remember: We do not need to continue to ask how or when.

Believe in Divine Timing — The less resistance we give , the more abundance we receive.


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