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Burning Bridges & Taking time and love for granted.

The old expression goes “Never burn your bridges because you never know when you will need to walk back over that bridge again.”

A Bridge that has been burned can no longer be re-built. Many call and seek Intuitive Guidance in regards to love which does make this world go round. Love is a powerful emotion that can lead us to joy or drag us to hell.  A client has been sharing with me that he lost the woman he loved dearly by taking her for granted after many years of neglecting her needs. He has since begged her many a time. She won’t go back to the past even though he knows it haunts her. She misses what used to be but cannot back pedal. Family got involved that were very disrespectful to her.  After countless attempts to salvage the marriage, it disintegrated. They were separated on and off for about eight years.  Although I cannot devolge their identities, it is very sad. (A true learning lesson for us all) Both have made mistakes and both have said their apologies. Now, the marriage is dissolved. She has told him she feels she has no choice but to move ahead in spite of his pleas. Too many years of hurting and being hurt caused a rift between them. The Bridge was burned for the last time.

Often, we say words and do things that we may not truly mean. Yet, they cannot be taken back. Once spoken or done it is out somewhere floating in the Universe causing immense amounts of grief. Bridges such as these are truly burned. Taking love, a true love, for granted, is in my opinion is a sin.

So, he will go his way and she, her’s. They have completed their Karma. What have we learned, I ask him? He now knows that we should never take anyone for granted being his ex-wife or anyone else. Never burn your bridges because you never know when you need to go back. Sometimes the hurt can be so debilitating that one cannot open themselves up again. It’s okay though. We learn from our mistakes. I have and I hope you shall too. I know this gentlemen and his ex spouse have.

She is learning to trust again and not judge, nor fear that someone else may be like her marriage was. She is also learning to laugh again and he is learning to take one day at a time and to never chose others over someone he truly couldn’t live a day without. Now, they proceed forward and apart but better for the cause.

The forgiveness has already came, they have both said; “I’m sorry.” Time will heal this as I well know. It is a good lesson and example for all of us to live by.  I wish them both love and peace. I wish them nothing but “True Happiness.” I know they both will find a path back to “love” and stability.

Never take someone for granted, never think you have “enough” time or that there is always tomorrow. The time is now.

With Love,


blog - Burning Bridges & Taking time and love for granted.
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