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Casey Anthony

I blogged about this almost three years ago and some of what I felt intuitively was correct or pretty close. Some was off. In truth, it sort of freaked me out. I have done missing person cases in NY, SC and Florida. I don’t like doing it but I will. I feel it is part of what I could give back to the world in helping someone find closure. I have children. They may be grown but they are mine, I adore them. I pray daily for mankind, I wish nothing but good for all. Seeing people suffer disturbs me. Now you know a bit more about me.

I cannot watch the case. The news rocks me but now and then in the course of the day it pops on the screen of the computer. Then the impressions flow and away I go.

There is a hung jury in the midst here, I hope I am wrong and very well may be. I feel it. The search dogs were not wrong. They have no ego. Her father was stern but not abusive. Her mother figured it out rather quickly and also feared something of this nature would happen. Neither of them could control their daughter even when trying. This woman has a multiple personality disorder. You cannot fix that. No magic pill or wand cures this. What Casey see’s is her innocence. She has no remorse because whatever is lurking inside of her does not know she did this. There had to have been licensed psychiatrists and physcologists see her because that is common sense. I have yet to hear of this and if it was mentioned, I missed it.

Some of what Casey thought could be considered pre-meditated, the rest would not be. There were thoughts that she would have liked to be free of her daughter and the responsibilities that came with parenting. Taking her life was not on the table. Then- I do feel she snapped. Upon snapping is when she decided that it was “okay”. She would send her off to a better home in heaven. Going out on the town was not her way of forgetting the act it simply was a party. “I am free.” Someone else is really taking care of my little girl, this she believed.

If you are hoping she will break and confess, don’t hold your breath. She won’t. Did she pass in the back yard? I believe so. Then it was panic time. Rid the house of the body and evidence. I do feel Casey came to her senses, snapped into realty trying to figure out what to do. Her Mother knew. Her father was told indirectly by her mother. Ya know; hints. He attempted suicide because of guilt. The guilt of not knowing what to do or who to believe. Did anyone know where this child’s body was? No. Not even Casey. She slipped back into that mode of who am I now. Could they come back with an insanity plea? I do not hear that. Does she miss her daughter? Yes. I know that sounds sick but if you are convinced you did not do it you would feel the same. Will justice be served? Good question. I really cannot answer that. God judges. I know Caylee is in a good place. That still doesn’t make any of this horror show go away.

I am sickened by the whole story. I could be right or wrong. I am not looking to be either; this is all just intuitive impressions. The sad part is this happens all the time all over the world. What can we do? Pray!

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