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Do we choose our family before our birth?

The idea that souls choose their parents before birth is a concept found in many ancient cultures, including Native American, African, Indian, Greek, and Tibetan. According to this belief, pre-birth agreements are drawn when souls are connected at the Source.

These agreements contain all the details of their future earthly incarnations, including specific parents, birth location, time, siblings, and more.

The process of choosing parents is a highly mystical phenomenon that relies heavily on the concept of reincarnation.

Souls reincarnate on earth for one reason only, and that is to learn lessons and evolve. Many of those lessons I believe are so painful but yet to learn. I feel that way in my own life and journey.

Our families are the foundation of our lives, and they have a huge influence on how our life pans out, how we perceive ourselves and others, and how we make life choices. This is associated with our identity.

I truly believe it is decided what life lessons a soul will experience in their next birth. Then parents and family members are chosen who will be most aligned with the soul’s purpose on earth.

This would be to help the soul’s journey in one way or another.

Sometimes it becomes necessary for a soul to take birth in a specific region or community to learn the lessons needed for its growth.

In many a case, specific parents become less important.

Soulmates or soul family members are those who have been very close and important to us in our human lives. Soulmate or soulmates do lot always mean a romantic connection.

We could have very well known them as our parents, siblings, teachers, friends, or partners. We have been nurtured and enriched by their presence, and thus we choose to meet them every time we come to earth.

Often, souls choose their parents because they want to be born into their soul family. Souls also choose to swap their roles sometimes, meaning if a soul has been the daughter in one life, they can choose to become the mother in the next, and the daughter of the previous life will become the mother in this life. Ever get that deeper feeling you were doing this before but in a different role?

We have to remember that just because our life is already planned before our birth, it doesn’t mean that we do not have any free will. We always have free will.

We as human beings, are capable of deciding what’s good for our well-being and can decide to move away from any relationship that thwarts us in our quest to live our best life.

To conclude, the concept of souls choosing their parents before birth is a highly mystical phenomenon found in many ancient cultures.

Souls reincarnate on earth for one reason only, and that is to learn lessons and evolve.

Did you choose your family? What do you think and feel?



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