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Fake Psychics .. How do you know?

Psychic scams deprive citizens of both money and emotional well-being. In these schemes, spiritual scammers with no psychic gifts set out to make a quick buck. They are good at telling people exactly what they want to hear. They promise to remove a bad luck curse, bring people great fortunes in their future, or even help them find their soulmate. People who buy into these scams are being taken on an emotional roller-coaster ride that continues to require more and more money to reach their desired outcome. Of course, they never do. If you’ve unwittingly participated in a scam, you are not alone. Psychics and spiritual mediums scam millions of people every year and can seriously affect the lives of Americans and their families.

This is terribly disturbing to me but it must be brought to light so people are not hurt or taken advantage of. Here are some tips to avoid getting scammed.

They Offer to Cast a Spell

There are many fake psychics who are notorious for tricking people into believing they have a dark spirit part of them or that someone put a hex on them. Most often they are part of a ring of psychics who answer to one main person in the group. They will often lie to you and say that your life will be cursed unless you give them money, jewelry, property, or other possessions to lift the curse. In some cases, they may even take your money and valuables in exchange for casting a spell on your enemies.

Remember, you cannot force anyone to change. If you’re looking to reconcile, understand it doesn’t happen at times. No spell can change that.

They have a lack of references/Credentials

You should always check for credentials before you make an appointment with a psychic. A reputable psychic will have a website with useful information filled out about the person's background, contact information, and services. You should always do your research, trust your intuition, and reach out to friends and family members for recommendations. Most of my clients are referrals and I’ve advertised my gifts and reputation through very established individuals who have not only tested me but checked my references. Working with various Police Departments nationwide has given me a bit of an edge. Sadly, there are no shortages of missing persons or cold cases. I freely give my time because I want to give back as I feel so blessed to what God has given me. The point is I have credential. Im never going to be perfect but I’m not fake or trying to line my pockets.