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For The Love Of Animals

When I was a child, I grew up in a home where we had a very large but loving German Shepherd. He was Belgium. All my friends had animals too. My Dog was my best friend. I grew up and through out the years we always had a dog. I ended up with many dogs and one cat named Opal. I cannot think of my life without an animal in it. Today after many who have crossed over, I have two of my own. Both were rescues who really needed a home. I never rescued before. My Family thought Pure Breeds were the way to go. Not so. Joy is my German Shepherd Rescue who was left on the side of the road invested with Heart Worms, used for breeding. Her Sister, Kellie, was used for fighting. Gracie is just an old goofball who was left at our local Humane Society. She is 12 but I looked at her at 10 and my heart sank.

Kellie has since passed as she was not mine to keep. Joy and Gracie live happily with me. My home is small, maybe too small for large dogs. I don’t frigging care. They don’t rule my life-like many have argued, they don’t cramp my style. They bring me nothing but happiness. I would live in a box with my dogs over most people who I know. I have learned what unconditional love is because of animals.

Humans are very often selfish, filled with ego. Yes, me too. The thing is, animals just don’t care. They only want to be loved and will love you back without conditions.

This Blog is dedicated to all my animals who rescued me. Though my heart has broken each time one of them crossed, they have also filled my heart with such happiness, I can never repay them. This blog is dedicated to all the homeless and suffering animals. I pray there comes a day when all animals will be free and have loving homes.

Please Spay and Neuter. Please stand up against animal cruelty of any kind. Please if you are considering adopting go to a Shelter/Rescue. Stop the damn puppy mills. Please respect ALL animals, the circus is not what it appears to be. Please remember that when you adopt it is not for a day or even a year. Would you take your child and give it back after a year because circumstances did not convenience you? There are extenuating situations at times. That I understand.

Animals are not disposable. They have feelings, souls and they love.

I hope to always be the person that my dogs think I am. That would be such an honor.

I dedicate this love I have and words I can type to ALL God’s magical creatures.


Michelle, Joy & Gracie

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