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Forgiveness – The Absolute act of Grace

It is very safe to say that we all have had Family struggles, Relationship problems, friendship issues and so on.

Relationships are not easy, they are not like the movies. Those are fairy tales. Real life is tough.

I just finished a lovely evening with Family from Canada who visit every year. They are the nicest people with warm hearts. I loved sitting quietly watching everyone laughing while interacting, telling stories. It was heart warming, yet, they are some stories that never fade and are never forgotten. Those stories of who hurt who. I began to think of my own heartache, my own part of this planet where I struggle with haunting issues.

I have an on going problem in my immediate Family where I was at fault but at this point, this person whom I adore will not forgive me. I also have an on going ache in my heart over someone who hurt me very much about this time last year. I haven’t seen them in a year. I have to come to a place to forgive him. I’m trying. Every now and then a song pops on from the CD player and it strikes a cord where I begin to remember and I often question was I fooled? I need to let this go. I know that. I need to forgive.