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He Wasn’t The One But I Miss Him.


He Wasn’t The One But I Miss Him.

Getting over somebody doesn’t happen overnight, or — even despite popular belief — when you get under someone else.

Time is a great healer. I have found that it has been my only friend throughout the years. It was never about meeting someone else to replace that person. We usually start comparing if we jump back on the bandwagon so soon.

Emotions are countless they will run deep even if this was the person you knew would not work out. After all you did date him. There had to be somethings you did enjoy about the experience.

You’re allowed to miss him.

You had some good times no matter how long it lasted. However, you knew he wasn’t the one. In spite of any of this what we tend to miss or feel sad about is the “possibility”. It came and went.

What you’re not allowed to do is to confusing missing him with wanting him back. That won’t do you any good.

We miss our ex because we start thinking about the good things. You’re remembering what it was like to have someone around, someone you had some good times with. We are human, we make memories.

You miss the person you liked and who liked you too. BUT remember, it wasn’t all fun and games. You broke up for a reason — and you can’t forget about what that reason was.<p> 

I am a firm believer in second chances, maybe third ones too. I have gone too far, gave too much. I can assure you that they usually don’t work out. The first few weeks’ things are pretty good so I was sure it was the right decision. But then the initial excitement wears off, and the same old issues are still there. If issues cannot be addressed and then fixed, you’re doomed. You are also not allowing yourself to heal, move on so you can find the right person.

I won’t tell you that people won’t or cannot change but it is very rare without time passing and acknowledging what needs to be changed. It maybe that you even have to do some shifting around. I surely did.

Time is your only tool because it’s only with time that people change.

And let me tell you, it takes a lot longer than a few weeks’ after a break up for real change to happen.

With Love,


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