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“It is better to error on the side of humanity”

Welcome to March! It seems like it was just Christmas. Now, we are heading towards Easter and Passover.

With each season brings different Holiday’s, memories, celebrations & emotions. It also reminds us of how precious time is, how quickly the seasons change. It also is a good reminder of how we can start over, make changes, move ahead. (As they say; “Spring forward) By the way, I still am having trouble dealing with the time change.

Personally, I have been in a whirlwind of emotions sorting life out myself. I have had my fair share of soul searching while coming to resolutions. I have also concluded that as silly as it may seem to write this, love, forgiveness and kindness can be a daily habit vs. anger, resentment and hate.

The world is not always good but I still believe there is good to be found. That must start with each and every one of us. (I know I am a girl and may want rainbows and unicorns but too bad. LOL) Find your good. Find your peace, make your peace. Today I thanked someone I love very dearly for being in my life. I am blessed and I wanted him to know. I love him.

I am grateful for my Family & Friends. My job is incredible, my animals are perfect. My life is not a fairytale and I have my share of heart break, however, it is always good to be in a state of gratitude. It is kinder to love, forgive, start fresh and just, well, do it!

Tomorrow holds no promises. Days go by quickly. Let things roll off you, choose your battles, words and actions wisely. Be mindful. You never know someone else’s struggle. Ignore the people that are just plain cruel. They too have battles.

A prime example was at Walmart a few days ago. I met a man who was working and thought his skull rings were gaudy so I was goofing off as I usually do and asked if I could take a picture. He obliged. At check out we were speaking about the customer prior who was just rude. This employee told me that one of his rings were from his wife who had passed away and how much he missed her. I felt so sad for him. I offered my condolences.

Who would have known? The point is simple. We just never do know. Now is the time to start over and resolve your past, my past. Forgive, spring forward. Love.

The people closest to me know that I am a very generous, kind person. (Often to a fault) I have a few who would probably like to hang me right now. They have no clue who I am and what my struggles are. I don’t worry about this any longer. I chose to not battle it out. It is not mine to fight for. I would rather pray for them and be on my way.

Start over today and when you trip just get up and start again. Be kind this spring, stop to smell the flowers while appreciating yourself and the world. Be good to yourself and others.

“It is better to error on the side of humanity”.

Happy Spring!



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