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It really is about the little things in life that matter.

Within each of us there is a human need to feel special, wanted and appreciated.

When we chose to enter into any kind of relationship there are requirements that we seek.

Basically it comes down to the heart of the matter which is; “validation”.

“Hello, here I am, validate me and appreciate me”.

It has been proven that children will thrive under circumstances when they are loved, appreciated and validated. Why then when we enter adult relationships, romantic or not do we forget these things? I suppose it is the ho-hum day to day living that we forget to honor our partners, family, etc.

Appreciation and acknowledgement is a general basic need. Even our beautiful pets need that. So it is the same with people.

I had a lovely conversation with a friend this evening in regards to this subject. What we are all looking for is the “little things”.  It is never the sparkly gifts or the lovely smelling flowers that really count, instead it is the words that can be said here and there that matter. Oddly enough we all seem to fall short of saying simple things to those we love that mean so much. The flowers will wilt but that piece of note pad that says thank you or I love you will stay with you forever. The phone call that comes in when someone cares about how you are doing will be remembered verse’s the one that never came. More than likely you will remember who didn’t call to ask how you were and maybe even hold that against them.

Women want to be made to feel beautiful and respected. Head’s up, so do men. They want to be made to feel handsome, respected, admired and so on. It’s not the sex that will hold you together. It’s the conversation and not taking each other for granted. Making love is a sacred thing but it’s not always physical. It can be a simple smile or a warm touch, maybe even a sparkle from your eyes to his or vice versa. It can even be a simple; “Hey, you did a great job on the lawn today. I know you work hard all day then come home and do the yard, I appreciate all your efforts”.  Get it?

Discuss your disagreements as well as what you agree on. Ask how others are doing.

Make it a point to hand out a “thank you”. Smile and don’t give the half fake smile either. (I hate those)

Drop a line, send a card. Reach out to a friend. Clap loud and proudly for your children.

Remember it takes two, not one. Play your role and take your responsibility. Love and yes, laugh. Most of all appreciate the people that you care for.

It really is all about the little things.

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