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Life as a Professional Psychic.. Part 2

I wrote about this a bit ago. I am adding a part two because I had so many e mails and questions that I thought it would serve a purpose to explain more.

You have a job, correct? Yes! You go to work whether you sit at a desk or write a column. It matters not what you do but that you do it to the best of your ability and you are moral. Morality is hard to come by these days but it is still available for the taking. You also may view your job as part of your life, not your whole life. It is the same for an Intuitive. It is not my whole life. I have a Family, friends, etc. I have a life too. I try to place boundaries so there can be a balance between work and personal life. Sleep is important too.

Psychics get a bad name because of all the superstitions that come with the profession. Also, there are some people that just use others and care less about anything but money. You also have religions that condemn being Intuitive. So, you wrap up all that and then some leaving yourself with a pile of?

People also have this notion that a Psychic is always correct. NOPE! Only God is 100% accurate. Everyone is Psychic, it is something we are born with, you just have to listen to that voice or follow that gut feeling.

I have to schedule as I said in the first part. I have to clean, cook, take care of my family and do all the things that are required AND I actually have the most awesome friends who I am trying to enjoy once again. There was a period where I sat at the four walls trying to figure out my personal pain so I sat alone for many years. I still worked and could always do my job but I always went home alone.

It’s a normal life. Well, for me and maybe some that understand. Yes, make fun but I do hear and see things. If it gets overwhelming I turn it off. ( I will write an article on how to do that).

I hope this helps clear things and answer questions. Yet, feel free to keep them coming.

Happy Sunday.

With Love,


I don’t have a crystal ball but I bet it would be fun until I would have to make sure it was clean.

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