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Living with Integrity

Hold your head up high no matter how low you feel. Hold on tightly to all that is good and truthful.

Believe with your heart that you can take one more step forward. (You really can)

Know that you were created to be “Brilliant”. There is no doubt that you are just that.

Leave the past behind. It can no longer be lived.

Look to the future with hope, there is always a gift someone will give.

Live in the present, it is just that; a present.

Live with integrity.

Walk your own path, do not listen to the sounds that speak negativity.

Know when you are still your Creator is standing with you.

Speak words of kindness no matter how unkind someone is to you.

It’s none of your business what someone else thinks of you.

It is however your business what you think of yourself. Love yourself.

You are so worthy.

Laugh! Laugh till your stomach hurts.

Live with integrity. It is a simple trick that keeps your sleep sound.

Know that there will always be better – God may close a door but He always opens a window.

(My best friend says God doesn’t like ugly) She is correct.

Be still and listen with your heart, it knows which direction to take you in.

(Remember to listen closely)

Take the high road. No one is worth your soul.

No one is worth your love if they cannot respect you.

Be who you are. Remember you are brilliant.

Respect yourself or no one else will. This teaches people how to treat you, so treat yourself well.

Forgive yourself, forgive others.

Live with integrity.

Truly, in the end it is always between you and your Creator, so as it is with all mankind.

May you be blessed.



(Copyright Michelle Caporale 2009)

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