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New Update on the Caylee Anthony Case

This is driving me nuts as I am certain many of you feel the same way. I am gonna post what I wrote recently again and some of which I added. I have e mailed two different Police Departments now. I am also enclosing the link where you can listen to the actual investigative interviews with Casey. She sounds very lucid which is really creepy to me. I will also say that  by her parents not willing to take a polygraph, in my opinion just does not look good. Below is my Intuitive impression and the link to hear the interviews.

What I hear Intuitively is that Casey did take her daughters life, I think we all would agree. I have heard the numbers 10 and 15 – These could be markers, roads or miles. I decided to look at the local map of Orlando tonight to see if I could get a better grip on this. 15 runs North from what I see into Deland. There is a 35 mile radius from Lake Monroe north in which I feel Caylee is buried. There are several lakes and wooded area’s. One that I feel a hit on is Crystal Lake, although I do not feel her body is in a lake, but rather a shallow wooded area very close by. The grave will have a heart symbol over it perhaps made out of sticks. I also see that Caylee is buried with a piece of gold plated jewelry that she is laid with.

That child is not past the De Leon Springs area. I hear the name Richard, Rick, Richie and I do feel this is a younger male that knew of the incident after Casey did this. He may very well be in Jacksonville, Florida. He found out after the fact and did help dispose of the body. He is no older than 29 years of age. He has dark hair that is either spiked or greasy looking with a piercing in his nose. The name Richard, Rick and or Richie could very well be an area or street too but it truly feels like a person. I am simply giving you all the information I am hearing. Please also know that I absolutely feel that her Mother (Grandmother), knows what happened after the fact to her grandchild. Caylee may have been struck but I hear suffocation. There are several black plastic bags that she is rolled in and most likely buried in. There is also a mauve colored cloth that seems to appear like a kitchen towel that was either in the trunk of the car or buried with Caylee, I do not know the significance of this.

Click on the link and scroll down to play the audio interviews there are seven of them.



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