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Prediction- The Caylee Anthony Case

Caylee Anthony has been missing for a little over a month now. I have been seeing this story in bits and peices on the local news. What I see and hear intuitively is unfortunately the child is gone. I never focus on what the Police or Press have to say, I look at the child’s picture and get impressions.

Casey Anthony, remains in jail on a $500,000 bond. While she has not been named a suspect, she is considered a person of interest in the toddler’s disappearance. She is Caylee’s Mother.

What I intuitively feel is she was beaten in some capacity and is laying in a shallow grave. I feel a sense of peace from her that she is safe now because her soul is where it needs to be. I get the numbers 10 and 15. I do not feel that is miles away, I do feel it is markers that are close to where she is buried. Caylee informs me that her Mommy is not of sound mind that there are a lot of personalities that belong to her Mother, one of them being the one that took her life.

It is as if her Mother did not really know what she was doing when she took her daughter’s life. The Grave is very shallow but there will be enough evidence to identify her body. There is a very low sounding piano in the backround playing as this maybe what was playing in the car as her Mother drove her to her grave. There was no motive or set intention, it just happened. Unfortunately her Mother needs psychological help.

Caylee is laid between Orlando and North Florida. I realize that it a lot of ground to cover. She is more north as she tells me. They have to look on 10 or 15 – has to be a marker… I do feel this will be uncovered soon. As always, I have notified the Police. You can find more about this story :

This information has also been posted on my web site.

Any thoughts? Comments are welcome

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