Say what you mean…

Relationships in general can be very complicated. It happens. Really, they should be easy and smooth with two people working things through and speaking freely for a resolution. It matters not what kind of relationship it is.

Love is powerful but it can also break your heart and leave you stranded where you feel no one will ever come along again and if they should can you trust them?

I have heard “I am sorry” so often that I am unable to believe it unless it is backed by proof. This post is simple. It will just make you think before you keep on saying you are sorry. Sorry seems to be the hardest word because it needs to be followed up. Don’t fake it, mean it. Don’t just say it, show it. If I am sorry I mean it and I try not to put myself in situations that I am sorry. WE are all human, with that comes mistakes. It makes a heart leery and seeing we all come with baggage it makes it harder to believe mostly if the same situations come up and that person keeps apologizing but they never fix the issues.

Here is food for thought:

Say what you mean…
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