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Sticks and Stones- Words that Hurt.

It is very easy to get caught up in the drama and gossip that we are constantly being subjected to. It seems no matter how hard you try you hear something or have someone ask you your thoughts. Most men that I know have no desire to delve into the drama. Most women are more than happy to pick up the phone and share what the new scoop is. Whether it is true or not is irrelevant. The damage that is caused from spreading the “chatter” is damaging. Sometimes to the point that it so hurtful it aches within the soul and leaves a nasty film on the skin that last for many years to come.

We all do it. We all fall short. I wonder how many times we think of the other party and the consequences it brings? If you have been a victim of such things you know how horrible it can spin as well as how bad you feel when you know most of the time it’s not true. The thing about gossip is that it spreads from one person to the next and by the time it goes down the sewage line, half of it is so far from the truth as everyone puts their personal spin, the other half is not always truth. The person who is being gossiped about never gets the chance to vindicate themselves. “Did you know she did that, it looks terrible. Who can do such a thing and think we actually believe they were faithful”? “Can you believe he actually said that to Carrie with that attitude”?

Excuse me but were you in the room and heard that with your own ears, or saw what happened with your own eyes? In Relationships, all Relationships, there is a certain amount of compromise. There is a trust factor. We learn to give, receive, trust and be trustworthy. We are to mediate not sell secrets through the phone lines. When does that relationship become so compromising we compromise ourselves, our integrity or compassion?

When do we grow up and realize