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The Glass Elevator

When I was a very young pup I was sent down to earth on a glass elevator. 

Other animals stood by me, people too. All anticipating what we were supposed to do. 

“We’re going down there to start a new life until we are called to come back home”, one human said. “Where’s there”? 

The glass elevator was clear. I could see people below me. Our elevator was going down while another was traveling up. 

Everything was so colorful, bright and vivid. 

Before I knew it, I was being held and loved closely by this beautiful girl who told me I was her baby. What’s a baby? I guess that’s me? She  called me Reesie. I liked the sound of that. 

I liked her smell, her voice, her smile. Her hair was long and it tickled my nose but I liked it. I felt safe.

She was so sweet to me. She bought me funny sounding things and all kinds of good things to eat. 

I loved our walks, the dog park and our time snuggled in bed sleeping. She took me everywhere and I met all the people she loved, I started to love them too. 

I had friends, dog friends, people friends. I even had a nana. Nana was my moms mom. She was crazy about me and she told me so. 

When my mom couldn’t be around I stayed with my Nana who also bought me anything I wanted and let me sleep with her too. 

I was very special. I loved this new life I came down to live at with my mom.

Everyone made a big deal over me. I guess I was something special. Of course I was, that’s why they sent me. 

All these people and animals were my “family”. My mom was the best, I loved her the most. She said I was her boy. Maybe that’s why I lifted my leg to pee? Because I was a boy. 

I didn’t see the girl dogs doing that just the boys. 

My life was happy and fun. Every day my mom told me she loved me and I loved her too. What a great place to be. 

I went on trips and saw things in different places, met new dogs and people. New smells and sounds. 

I really enjoyed stopping for treats.  New places to pee.

My mom thought I was perfect so she was always taking pictures of me. My Nana was just as funny always wanting me to look so she could do something that would take my picture. I was something else to my family. I loved them so. 

I never felt so much happiness being with my mom and everyone that truly loved me.

My life was perfect and every now and then I’d get a glimpse of that glass elevator as I watched people and animals go up and down. 

The ones going up looked happy as they were finally making their trip back home a place we all called; “ Joy”. 

My nana rescued a dog named something else but she decided to change her name and call her Joy. 

I looked at my Nana during a sleep over and when we were done playing and it was time for bed my nana was tucking us all in. I heard her talk to Joy. 

“I named you Joy because that’s the life you deserve after all the ugliness you’ve endured and from now on your life will be nothing but filled with love and joy”. 

I thought it was the perfect name after the horror stories I over heard. We named our home up in the glass elevator Joy. That was kinda interesting. 

Did Nana see the glass elevator too? Did she see what it looked like when we were getting off of it to go home? 

I often wondered if she may have known. 

My mom is so pretty and silly. She took me traveling and let me chase squirrels but I never really caught one. I thought I was faster than them. 

After a while time just flew and my mom finally met my Dad.

His name was Matthew but I called him M- Dad. I couldn’t pronounce such a long name. 

My dad was big and silly but he loved me and my mom so much and I knew he was the right guy for my mom or I would have bit him and maybe peed a lot on the floor to be mean. 

I didn’t have to resort to such tactics. After a few years of dating they finally got married. 

What is it with humans? If you really love something just be with it don’t keep waiting. I did that with my toys. 

Before getting married they rescued my brother, Lokie. He is so weird. They call him the “ Bastard”. I don’t get it but I think they mean it lovingly. (They do)

Lokie sorta annoyed me but he loved me so much that I let him live in our house. He doesn’t care for toys like myself so I got everything. He does enjoy his food. He also enjoyed his sleeping and staring at things. What a waste of time not playing with all these great toys. Lokie didn't care.

My dad really loves him and so does mom but everyone knows I’m their favorite. It's just a fact.

Nana gets in trouble because she tells everyone I’m her favorite but I know she loves my brother who seems a little “challenged”because he just stares at things. 

Maybe if we would have joined forces we could have snagged a squirrel.

My parents finally did that wedding thing. Lokie and I were naturally the main event. They snapped all sorts of photos of us and we got to take pictures with our parents. 

My mom was the most beautiful of them all. She was what my Nana called; “stunning”. 

I had to ask another dog what that meant because Lokie didn’t know. Figures. 

My Dad looked so handsome. I was so proud to stand with my family. 

A year or two prior my mom found out that something was wrong with my kidneys. 

They weren’t doing what they were supposed to do so they started me on this huge treatment plan, it really did help. 

Time had passed and everything my mom tried wasn’t really working as much but I did my best. 

I had my good and my bad days. I was starting to feel that I was getting older and I didn’t wanna leave my mom or dad or anybody in my family. 

Time  went by and after everything my mom tried to do, my kidneys did not want to behave. 

Apparently, whatever kidneys are you have to have that in order to live. humans have the same thing. 

My mom and my dad did everything. 

 My mom was completely perfect. She never missed anything when it came to me and she took care of me so that I could still be happy and have fun with everybody and I did. 

I was starting to see more animals and people on the glass elevator going up and coming down, and I knew that it was getting closer for me to go back into the glass elevator back to what we called joy. 

I could hear people happy I could hear animals making noises because they were so excited about going home. 

Some were nervous about coming here to earth be with their families, but I never spoke a word of it. 

I knew it meant It would be soon before I would be going into the glass elevator that I once came down on to greet and meet my mom but I wasn’t scared because I knew where I was going and I knew that no matter where I went, my family still loves me and I was always told that one day my family would meet me coming off the glass elevator to go to the place of joy. 

My biggest concern was leaving my mom and dad behind and Lokie. 

I knew that my Nana would be devastated as well and so many people that loved me would be hurting and that bothered me. 

My family couldn’t see the glass elevator. They didn’t know what I knew. 

Even  lokie knew about the glass elevator. He was just happy that there was plenty of food on and off of the elevator so he wasn’t too worried and I already had a long talk with him so he could be helpful to mom and dad when I wasn’t here.

The day came, but I was too sick, too weak to do anything but just lay there and wait for someone to either bring me to the glass elevator or for the glass elevator to somehow come get me. 

I wasn’t sure how that worked but I knew that I was going to have to get back on that elevator and go back home. 

I knew that I would have to leave the people that I love and I knew it was going to hurt them deeply. 

In someway, I would be sad too, because I couldn’t explain to them what was going to happen and where I was going to go and that there would be no reason for them to be sad.

Humans are very silly people. They don’t always believe things that they can’t see. 

The Day came , and everybody stayed at my mom’s house near me so that they could be there when I took my ride back up the glass elevator to go home. There were so many hugs, kisses and those water things humans have that come out of their eyes. 

There were a lot of funny stories about me. I loved hearing all of them. I remembered them. 

I could feel how heartbroken everyone was especially my mom because she told everybody and she told me that I was her heart and soul. My dad was distraught. My Nana was beside herself, but everybody was there for me, and that made me feel good.

When I finally went to sleep, I woke up on that beautiful glass elevator that smelled like rich dog food with steak. This time I was with another dog and a cat. They both were coming up the elevator with me to go home.

The cat was sassy. “Hey you, what’s your story”? He said. 

I wasn’t interested in talking. I was too busy looking at all the beautiful clouds and bright blue sky. 

I was still able to look down and see everybody crying because I had left.

I wanted to bark really loud and tell them I’m perfect again, don’t cry. 

I would be watching them from a far to give them a sign and let them know how much I love them. 

One thing I learned for sure is that love is perfect and that people and animals can be very loving. That is what matters most of all because that’s what you take with you when you go to the glass elevator and what you keep when you get off the glass elevator. 

I never knew the kind of love that I experienced with my mom and dad and all the people that I loved. 

I wouldn’t have traded it for anything it was wonderful. My life on earth was nothing but happiness. It was quite magnificent. 

When we reached the top and the glass elevator opened there stood Joy, Nana’s dog. 

She was waiting with the big toy for me because she knew I was good with another toy. 

She barked and drooled. 

I asked her what are you doing here? she said; “Don’t you remember I got sick and my mom,  your Nana, had to let me go to the glass elevator? 

Apparently, everybody forgot to tell me. They didn’t understand that I understood when they were speaking. 

All sorts of animals were welcoming me home. 

Some my Nana had and some that my Uncle had and loved. 

The grass and the flowers here are bright and lush. The food bowls, the water bowls were filled to the top. 

Everything was perfect just as I had left it, now I am back. What a beautiful place to live while I am waiting for my family. 

One day everyone will see me here. 

I wish I could send a letter to let my mom to let her know that I’m perfectly fine. Tell them all I love them with my soul and I miss them too. 

I would tell them thank you for being my parents, my family. 

Thank you for making my time on earth so special. Thank you for taking care of me. 

My mom knows how much I love her and so does my dad. 

I certainly know how much everyone loves me especially my mom. 

The life I came to love and live was indeed perfect but this was more perfect being here. This is for always. We are never separated once we are all here. Each human I loved will come here and stay. 

Nothing hurts here. No one is sick, no pain.  Even people are fine. 

My body is perfect again. I’m gonna go back to chasing squirrels and hopefully this time the big guy over there will let me catch one if I promise not to kill it.

I Promise, I will see all of you again we will all be together like we were on earth.

Remember that love is very powerful, very strong.  It is eternal never dies. 

One day I will meet you at the glass elevator, never to be apart any longer. 


 Reesie Steele

In loving memory of a beautiful soul. Until we get off that elevator and see you again, we love and deeply miss you.

(C) Michelle Caporale


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So so beautifully said

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