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The Innocence of Loving

The World sometimes can seem like a very dark, scary place. People are strange, the news is scary. We are prone to expecting bad things, seeing bad things. My feeling is that the media is programmed to program us to be de-sensitized.

When we were children, if we came from a loving household, life was magical. Mine childhood was. I believed in butterflies and fairy tales. As we grow older we no longer see the world through a child’s eyes. Our vision is tainted as society takes over. Children and animals are innocent souls. They love without condition. They see with patient, hopeful eyes. They do not hold grudges, wage wars or harm others. Every now and then look at a baby or an animal. See the innocence?

Nations have become so pre-occupied with whom is the strongest. Families argue, avoid gatherings and conversations. Kindness is something we fail to dish out. We act as if it a big thing when someone is kind. We attend our places of worship yet leave the parking lots in a rush to get to the restaurant or our homes. In the middle of it all I see people honking while cutting others off.

It’s the norm to make fun of what we don’t understand. We have lost our souls. We have also lost our purpose. I started my path very young in the Metaphysical, Spiritual world. I too have fallen short of my full potential. I am human. I fall off the band wagon but I sure do try to keep getting back up.

It is normal to love, be kind and considerate of others. It is normal to seek the innocence in this world while creating peace. It is perfectly fine to smile at others, open doors, care for someone else. This is what really makes the world go round. We have to get back down into our souls, the place we came from. The “God” within each of us. Empathy, compassion, human kindness can over flow.

It is my belief that each one of us came into this world with a certain contract to fulfill. We each came to learn. We each came to teach. We have all come to love and be loved.

Each day I challenge you as I do myself, to just be kind to another soul. Human or animal. Kindness costs nothing but the rewards are priceless. Imagine what would happen if we all did this. The whole world would change.

Seek to strive towards love and you will reach your potential.

Your potential is to love, care, give, hope and as always have faith. Look through the eyes of your child within and we can change the world one blink at a time. Never give up, never fall short. Always hope and believe.

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From my heart to yours,


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