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The year of 2023 will be a year of many changes to come that will shape the World for the better. re

The year of 2023 will be a year of many changes to come that will shape the world. In truth it is the year of the Aquarius or the age of Aquarius.

Technically that does not start until March 2023 because the new year Calender is not in alignment with what is truthful.


The weather will be erratic. summers will be hotter winters will be colder the weather will be difficult and unpredictable in many parts of the world especially when we are in the summer of 2023.

Louisiana ,Alabama, Texas, Peurto Rico and the Caribbean will be the highlight for hurricane season ~be prepared.

I’m hearing a shift in the ring of fire which will start from California to go over to the continent of Asia many earthquakes and volcanoes wake up and start to wreak some havoc on various parts of the world. If you follow the ring of fire you will know what I mean. Japan and California will be in the spotlight when it comes to earthquakes especially the south part of Japan and the northern area of California this is not to be taken lightly but to prepare for it as best as one can.

I do not see droughts. I do see rain and I hear a lot of rain that is falling to help restore and replenish crops across the United States and various places in the world in the United Kingdom Ireland and Scotland that will help to replenish what is lost especially in the United States on the West Coast the water supply will be able to start to replenish itself. Unfortunately you may get an abundance instead of having an equal balance. Mother nature is no fool. This takes time to replenish.

It’s always best to have a plan so if you are in an area that is prone to earthquakes hurricanes or other natural disasters get your plan and your family ready for whatever time is needed but you are going to see an abundance of crops and farmers that are standing up for family farms & business farms across the globe that want to be more self-sufficient and more productive and will have the opportunity to do so as they want the governments of the world to stay out of their business and allow them to do their job.

Money & Finances

Many of the countries around the world are going to start to take on a new currency having nothing to do with the dollar but in the year of 2023 cash is king and people will start using more and more cash versus credit debit or any kind of social credit system.

New jobs arise new fields arise. New opportunities arise for careers and jobs so people can get back on their feet instead of handouts from government agencies. This is a hard transition for the United States especially because of the opportunity that has been given for people to be handed money and not to work but that does change as people begin to see the value of hard work and making a life for themselves that has nothing to do with being dependent. It’s a vicious cycle to get out of but you’ll see it start to change.

California is a critical state for this and that’s going to be a really tough transition that will not finish in 2023 but many people start to open their eyes and address the homelessness situation and the drug situation that is occurring not only in California but across the country.

There will be a turn around with the border states and immigration policies that would be beneficial to help people that need to be helped and protect the borders of the United States. Certain states for step up to protect their border that seems to be the only way to get our government officials to understand that we want things to be done properly.

There will be an enormous influx in information that will come out that correlates government and drug pushers. It’s time to protect our children and those that need help.

I keep hearing that Prince Charles, now King Charles, will not be able to continue  his new role as king of England he may have to step down due to health reasons. There are more political appeals and more shocking revelations about politicians. Popes and political figures in authority positions will not bring about changes that are needed to bring people together and help them. We as a people realize that the burden is on the public to be able to change things and make things better for our children and our world.

Technology sores but..

Although technology can have many benefits we will start to see more robots. We will start to see artificial babies and that is something that is going to be difficult for many people to absorb, to understand and to agree with. It's not natural.

Much of that goes against the rules of the universe and God. Big tech, well, good luck. They've been exposed for shadowbanning and more but the best is yet to come. Big tech will continue to lose billions and advertisers.

Many people will start to realize that they to have to step up and speak their voice to protectn their children and the children of this world you’re going to see a lot about people when it comes to any lockdowns that might be imposed as I don’t see them being implemented the way that governments across the world would like to have them. Health issues will be a broad but that also opens the door to many people being held accountable and responsible for pharmaceutical errors and the problems that are occurring with shots. medication‘s and so on. it’s not over it’s just begun unfortunately many people who have chosen or have been forced to take an experimental medication or be a subject of some thing that is experimental will find that their mistake and the burden of proof lies on the scientific community as well as the government and not just one government but all governments.

I've had the pleasure Being in contact with various doctors who keep advising us on vitamin D zinc I am C and other supplements to help build your immune system, you will have to adjust accordingly. I cannot give medical advice I'm just passing along some good information from various sources that are very credible it's always a blessing to have people in the medical field on both ends of the spectrum who care about the public and are trying to do the right thing. It's been a little scary that we're hearing that doctors are being censored for trying to help their patients that does have to go to the Supreme Court they will be various lawsuits throughout the year not only from medical issues what jobs and companies and CEO's.

You will start to notice that naturopathic doctors, holistic approaches will be very much added in the spotlight this year and so many people are looking for solutions to be accountable to help themselves build a stronger immune system. Medicine can be many things with several solutions. You can use both sides of the fence.

Eat a proper human diet. Distilled water is good for you you can also buy distilled water but I suggest buying a distilled water unit so that you can make it yourself. Stay away from processed foods stay away from sugar, more addictive than cocaine. Eat organic as often as you can. Read labels. I have struggled with this too during the holidays so you're not alone but it's time to go back to taking care of our bodies.


People will start to go back to basics they will start to use their head instead of living in fear.

Too much fear propaganda has been in bedded in everyone’s head trying to get people to comply when there’s no substantial evidence that any of this is working in fact it is quite the opposite. There will be another pandemic. You have to do the research and seek the information so you are aware and in the know. You must discern the truth from a lie as no one is trying to deceive you here. You are free to learn and question everything. So many are awakening and confused as to why any of this is being done.

Those that pushed their agenda at some point during the latter part of this year will start to be held accountable as the public is able to open their eyes and see what is truthful.

Invest in your cash not in stocks or bonds or the market. Invest in Gold and silver, even if it's a little bit at a time. If you make sure you have money to lose, ok because it will be very sporadic this year. Long-term is better the cash will be king. Use cash as much as possible. We are not heading for a One world Government and social credit system. Use cash. Don't fall for the hype. Remember Mel Gibson in the movie Braveheart? " Freedom"! Now is the time.

You will learn about the origins of where many different illnesses and viruses have come from it will be definitive proof to be able to present to the world how this all came about.

I am not exactly 100% sure how that will be handled as far as who is held accountable for what and what they do to make these people be held accountable but there will be an uprising. Be peaceful, clear and concise in all you do.

Cities states and countries will start to unite with communities in order to bring out more positive changes so that people can actually work together.

Are we alone?

Not at all.

Everyone's got a phone taking pictures Of things that are not photoshopped.

This is all across the world. No one was drunk or blind.

In space there are more comets and meteors more things that will open your eyes to the fact that we are not alone in this solar system other solar systems will be revealed as other lifeforms are finally

Acknowledged it’s taken too long for people to pay attention and things have been put under cover for people to not know but it will be revealed and some of that is not going to be safe or secure so you have to discern what is right what is wrong. Yes, other life forms live here on earth. We will visit Mars for real. We will also have a close call with a foreign object from space directed at earth. We will be ok but yes, it's scary. We are going to the moon. We have been building on the moon.

We’ve never been at this point in humanity where so many things have been placed as a burden on our shoulders to comply with things that are not natural but now we are, so take a stand speak your voice and be moral about it.

Now what would this blog be without some Star predictions?

I do hear Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton having issues. He is completely in love with her and she loves him as well. The problem is her past relationships have been hurtful. I do see a separation then a reconciliation.

Goldie Hawn makes a new movie with her daughter. It's something to enjoy see and appreciate. Goldie is a legend, a good woman and her and Kurt are awesome grandparents.

Dolly Parton- She is a legend in her own right and Spirit is showing retirement and a complete slow down. She is ready to be done with her long standing career but she's retired after one last cut of a new and old album.

Jennifer Lopez and Ben separate yet again. Kevin Costner keeps succeeding.

I don't have an interest in Hollywood because of the issues that have long surrounded this field but there are some who have stepped out and spoke the truth, standing up for what is right.

Former pop star Justin Bieber is out. He's been shunned by his piers for trying to explain injuries he absorbed by taking the vax. Maria Carey tries to make a come back, no go.

Streaming is big yet many companies such as Netflix lose billions. Major news networks are exposed for corrupt misinformation. They will be linked to federal agencies for cooperating to convince the public with false information. I watch the weather and local affiliates but read my news and as I advise you, I'm careful with what to read and watch. I listen to what I hear and feel, always.

You will also start to see a lot of people choosing to homeschool their children many of them will still be working remote but will have the opportunity to bring their children into a new historical era so that they can teach their children properly.

More home gardens more local stores local businesses more humanity. Shop local and small businesses.

Do you think the masses are asleep?

They have been they will wake up there’s no choice. It will be a hard lesson for those that avoid, ignore and cannot critically think.

Spirituality is very different spectrum. Many religious facilities and programs no longer hold value because they no longer get to hide behind curtains to continue to deceive the public and hurt children and I mean that sincerely. enough!

It No longer serves a purpose. Where people go to worship never has to be a building. What is in your heart and soul is what defines you.

Spirituality takes a stand people will take a stand and pull away from organized religion and start to understand that God is universal but the churches and these buildings have brought nothing but Hell, havoc and lies.

Stay close to what is right in your heart stay close to what is right with your creator no matter what you call it. It's a matter of what you believe. I’ve always believed in God and God can be called many different names but it still goes under the umbrella of a creator that created your DNA that is not to be messed with that is not to be tainted and you are not just a person you are a soul to  connect with your creator deeply consistently and lovingly and there is where you will find your peace your knowledge and your place. Love above all.

Planet earth is a beautiful place we are in the process of rebirthing, so speak it and live it. Oceans rise, not due to what people consider climate change it is a natural occurrence but we are able to make a difference and help our planet.

plant a tree grow flowers do things that bring pollinators. These are things that will help this planet and will help the animals that we share this planet with. It grounds me, you may find it as a source to ground you as well.


Sad to say but stop watching the news it’s not only disruptive it’s dishonest you’ve been fooled and duped by almost everybody because everybody is paid off if you really wanna know who’s full of it, watch who lines their pockets. what did they gain? Im on no ones side. Only on the side of humanity, acceptance, peace and goodness.

There will not be a nuclear war in spite of what you hear in spite of what you’re told. I honestly cannot hear how all of this stops overseas with Ukraine and Russia but I do know that the truth will come to light, the money tree needs to stop. You’re going to watch that happen and things are going to come out that may shock you about the origins of what is happening overseas.

Former President Carter passes. ( not a stretch) Former President Clinton reveals failing health due to an autoimmune issue that no one can understand or explain but affects vision and cognitive thinking.

This is a good year for families this is a good year for us to come together this is a good year for people to start rearranging their life and speaking their hearts and doing the right thing by themselves by their neighbors and by the world. More parents will decline getting their babies / children subjected to the CV jab Do your research.

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. Stop being insane.

In this year, most people, the majority of people across the globe really start to open their eyes.

If you care to go back and read last year‘s predictions you will find that many of them and more than many of them were exactly correct. These are not my opinions these are things that I hear say and feel.

We have the power to change things and we are in a position to do so in spite of what you may think feel or be frightened of, this is a new age a new era.

We all hold the keys

to make this world and our lives a better place. There are good things to come it’s not all bad there Hass to be a balance. We create one. The natural world will see it increase in patients as medical facilities are overloaded but there’s help all you have to do is ask and do your research.

I am starting an affiliate program on my website for those that wish to join me for Links of places and people that are able to help and come together as communities as physicians as caretakers as parents so that we could cooperate together to give information that is viable and useful. Reciprocal links are necessary and there will be a 10% take given to you for any sessions that are purchased. If you're placing my site on yours and we're in alignment with our pages, we will have links placed on both sites.

Feel free to ask. We're all in this together.

I wish you all a very happy and healthy 2023 and remember-" The best is yet to come and won't that be fine"! - Frank Sinatra

Suggestions and affiliates- Cash, prayer, kindness. Grow a garden. Big or small it matters. pollinated seeds, non gmo.

Check your zones on what and when to grow. Beautiful skin and make up products and more.

Write to your local officials in each state, city and county as to what changes you want to see. on what you can do to help yourself and others

Volunteer at your local schools even if your children aren't attending or they're grown. tell the FDA you want to keep your supplements. Do you research on what is in your supplements.

Better products to help reduce waste - use products to clean that are non toxic

You can take an orange peel and let it sit in vinegar in a sealed mason jar for several weeks and make your own cleaner. Soap, basic soap and hot water kinda helps too. Ya think? :)

Be a good neighbor. Start a prayer circle with family and friends. Public info

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Thank you for all your predictions. This has brought me hope I so desperately needed. May you have a blessed New Year.

Michelle Caporale
Michelle Caporale
Jan 03, 2023
Replying to

Christine, keep your chin up. Keep praying and check the links on the blog for info to educate yourself and others. You are not alone!! ❤️


Thank you for your open and forthright predictions. Ive resonated with all of them. Of course, I've been awake..I do take all the vitamins you mentioned. Im looking forward to humanity turning the page and realizing we've been duped not just the last 3 years but much longer than that.

Michelle Caporale
Michelle Caporale
Jan 03, 2023
Replying to

Thank you for reading and responding. It means a lot. Let us all come together so we can fix this and support each other. ❤️

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