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Valuable ways to help yourself

Before you can succeed at anything you must start with yourself. It sounds cliche‘ but very true. You cannot grow, succeed, excel or create if you’re not valuing yourself. You must put you first.

Check in with yourself- this gives you the opportunity to take a break and connect with yourself. Again, connect with yourself. You, first.

You’re gathering valuable information while treating yourself like you would a loved one.

Ultimately this will lead to increased self-awareness and a deeper relationship with yourself. Thats the goal here, having a deeper relationship with yourself and knowing who you really are.

This habit can be useful when a challenging emotion is starting to manifest, or when you’re doing an unhelpful behavior. This is also habit forming to manifest the best of you and change your behavior to be the best version of you.

Invest 5 minutes every day during your day to simply check-in. Here are some questions to consider:

  • How am I doing?

  • Am I experiencing difficult emotions or thoughts?

  • Am I doing some unhelpful behaviors?

  • Is there something I need that I can offer myself?

  • What Is my goal today?

  • What can I accomplish today?

  • What am I creating today?

You are very capable of creating goals and implementing them. You just have to get clear with what you want.

I wanted to create a classy, informative web site that depicts who I am and how I can serve others as well as become a better version of myself.

I’m very comfortable and happy with my results thus far. I am far from down here. I am ready to take my gifts to a new level and share them with you.

I have been teaching classes, doing seminars but I have also been writing my next book on Pet loss and the souls connection to our pets. I know how much this matters and how many people this will help as well as the experience it has brought me. I am beyond blessed for this opportunity to create and give back.

You are what you believe yourself to be..

I am many and all things wrapped into a creatively designed spiritual being.

So, tell me your story. What about you? Yes, comments are welcome!


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