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What Are We Teaching Our Youth?

My blogs are always related to my Profession so this Blog will certainly be out of character.

The Entertainment industry plays a huge part within our society. Everyone loves a good show, song and way to be charmed. It is very disheartening to me when I saw Miley Cyrus perform. I actually saw postings from Facebook, not live. Then I saw the Rolling Stone article in regards to her.

In short, it’s sickening. It is not just her either. I have seen other performers act like complete pigs on stage. What does this teach our young girls/youth in general? The media controls what we are to know these days, you are sleeping if you think otherwise. Young people have enough issues to deal with, they don’t need their minds corrupted any more then what they are. They don’t need to see explicit positions, raunchy moves or violence. How about more reading books? Family time? Get off the Computer, stop buying the violent video games.

When I was growing up I lived with my Grandparents, Parents, Uncle and my Great-Grandmother. I watched Little House On The Prairie. I played with my friends. We were required by my Grandfather to have Sunday dinners as a family. We sat at a table every night. I wasn’t allowed to watch “Adult” programs. I was raised to be respectful, kiss relatives hello, clean up the dinner table and be part of a household that was a unit. There was love. My favorite was Tom Jones. Those who know me know how much I love him.

I am not a prude or an old fart. When I was raising my children I too instilled values of family. I was mindful what they were watching on TV and how much TV. I did not approve of violent video games. My Best Friend and I were careful when our boys slept at each others homes.

The TV and electronics have become our babysitters. I understand that people work and have long hours, busy lives. Working from home is rough sometimes too. However, where have our values gone? I am not saying you need to be Betty Crocker.  It just makes me sick that this is what is considered the norm as well as entertaining. In my humble opinion, we need to pay close attention to what we are teaching our youth. If my daughter acted like that on stage, I would have heart failure. The thing is she wouldn’t.

You don’t need to behave that way to be entertaining nor  “sexy”. You either have talent or you don’t.

It’s all about the “shock effect”. If you need a shock, stick your finger in an outlet. I promise you will get that shock effect.

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