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What to expect from a reading

A psychic & medium will be different for each person who experiences it.

Each reader will pull on their own experience in mediumship, as well as their own methods for connecting with spirits and providing an intuitive reading.

Typically, a medium reading is intended to connect someone with their loved ones who have passed. The process can give people closure or answers on subjects that they need to know, but can no longer ask. It’s healing.


Readings are a great tool for self-discovery; they can help provide individuals with a better understanding of themselves and of opportunities for them to heal from hardships that they have suffered.

People search for peace of mind- closure.

At times, people need clarity in order to go on with their daily lives. Whether it’s clarity about a loved one that they’re searching for or something that they simply need to know more about in order to move on, a medium can help find the answers with a psychic reading.

A reading you can help you in your daily career, relationship, family and life.

A reading can bring peace.

This can be anything from someone having a husband or family member who died suddenly and they never got to say goodbye to a person disappearing suddenly and loved ones never found them or discovered what happened to them. Often, a psychic medium will be able to provide individuals with the answers to their questions, whether it is what they want to hear or not.


Every medium reading is different, as there’s no formula that provides the answers each time. Medium readings aren’t crystal balls, candlelight, and séances and can even seem ordinary at times, but this doesn’t mean that the medium is not working effectively. It’s bridging the gap. It’s showing you, telling you what’s behind the very thin veil between here and there.

Intuitive readings can be anything from a normal talk to a session that includes the use of tarot cards and crystals. Some intuitives do not use tools, like myself. I will connect with you and the spirit world using their intuition. There are several ways to receive information. We can hear, see, feel, smell and more.

Mediumship has evolved with the ages and people can often receive medium readings without ever needing to visit an office. Many psychic mediums will reach clients through online tools, such as social media or phones if not just in person. Energy is energy.

Because of the wide variety of ways that readings from intuitives can go, the best way to prepare for your session is to speak with the medium that will be working with you to get information on what to expect during your session.


Psychics are not God.

A real intuitive will tell you they don’t know everything. A real intuitive can get a great deal of information on your current situation and relationships. The insight

that can be provide should be helpful, not judgmental, not opinionated. A good intuitive will help you find your path.

Mediums are also not intended to take the place of a psychologist in the life of clients. If you are not able to find closure through medium readings, you should seek therapy instead to see if you are able to gain closure from the living.

Do you research when looking for a psychic. Ask around. Most people have had a reading and know someone that they felt comfortable with.

I look forward to reading for you.

With love, Michelle

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