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Where is your relationship headed?

1. Know What You Want

If you don't know what you want how do you intend to know what you desire, most importantly, deserve?

If you’re wondering where your relationship is going, do you know where you want it to go? 

You want to ensure that you’ve spent time deciding what you want and how you want the relationship to progress. You’re an active participant in this relationship, so – participate!

Be Upfront

Being honest the stance that your wants, needs, and opinions matter, as do others. It is seeking to speak clearly and listen well, so that you find a win-win with all parties involved. It is having confidence and kindness. 

Being open is not passivity (saying nothing) and it’s not aggressiveness (making demands or issuing ultimatums). So now that you know what you want, ask for it. No one is a mind reader.

3. Listen Up!

If you are truly asking, then you’ll need to truly listen. Hear what he or she wants. Listen to why they want it. Ask questions so you can accurately understand.

4. Graciously patient

Everyone has their own pace. This person may be very interested in being in a relationship with you (and even see that it has a future), but also want to go at a slower pace than you.  

You may regret discarding a great man or woman just because his pace is not yours. What’s your rush? If it’s something good, is it worth slowing down for?

5. You Can Manifest Love

Sometimes a question like this is motivated by worry. And sometimes that worry is about future prospects. 

If you’re worried that if this relationship ends it will mean you’ll be alone forever, you may have some soul work to do. You have to learn to think better of yourself

We all are a wonderful people who are lovable. I truly believe this! Everyone has unique and valuable qualities, no matter their past, mistakes, or struggles. And given this wonderful and lovableness about you, you are incredibly capable of creating loving relationships everywhere you go. 

You can manifest love, even romantic love. 

Have faith in yourself and your ability to bring about love. Even if this relationship ends, your prospects for romantic love will not.

Also, if you’re worried that he’s your only shot, you’ll be settling for whatever he gives you. Not only may that be unpleasant, but it’d be devaluing yourself. You deserve to be loved well. Demand it!

6. Reflect and Learn

All relationships are unique in how the partners relate to one another, they require communication. Aside from those two general qualities, consider how this relationship may relate to your past relationships. 

You really want to have the same core values.

This may be a chance to make some larger changes in your life so you’re dating guys more suited to you and your goals.

Need to know? Find out if you're with the right person and well schedule a session.

Limited phone availability due to classes and travel but we even have zoom!

💜 Abundance- Michelle

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