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While You Were Sleeping.

Anyone remember the Sandra Bullock movie “While you were sleeping”? Oldie but goodie. She saves the life of a man from getting hit by a train and manages to get involved with his family because of her heroic actions. But while this man is in a coma in the hospital everyone seems to think she is his fiance. From that point on the story goes forward and while he is “sleeping” her life begins. She doesn’t see all what is front of her because she is focused on the man she saved in the movie whom she always had a crush on but he never noticed her.

So, what happens to us when we are so intent and focused on someone who barely notices us or pulls away from us? Do we ever stop to see that perhaps there is someone else waiting in the wings or maybe even come to us at another time? Because we are so wrapped up with the present person we tend not to look what is in sight or even what the future may bring. My Grandfather used to tell me; “You before him, you will survive after him”. Ah but the heartache. How that distorts the positive thoughts and the mere idea of looking to the future at the possibility of opening ourselves up again for more hurt or a good relationship. Which will it be? Who wants to go through that again? None of us.

Just like the movie, while we were sleeping, not hoping or perhaps not noticing things do have a way of working themselves out. We do recover in time,we do find new love that gives new hope to an old heart. Try to only take small naps so you don’t miss the grand event. Want to know who and when? Just ask me. I look forward to reading for you.


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