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Why are you looking in the Rear View Mirror

I asked a client; “Why are you looking at your past”? She said she did not know how to let it go. Hmmm.. So I used this example of the Rear View Mirror. See below. If you keep looking into the Rear View Mirror, you will not see what is ahead of you. You will also undoubtedly crash your car. What do we dwell in the past? Is it fear? Do we think about the what if’s? I have.

The past is over. The past was two minutes ago when I started this blog. It’s done. I cannot go back and change it. I did look at my spelling and fixed that! You can LEARN from the past. You cannot change it.

The past can really serve as one of the best teachers so you don’t repeat the same mistakes. Yet, if you wallow in yesterday that becomes your today and tomorrow.

How do you break the cycle?

Focus on the Moment

We become engulfed by thinking too much of the future or the past, we are creating negative thoughts.

A simple remedy to abandon a cycle of obsessive over-thinking is to focus on the small stuff: the present moment, here and now.

Boil down your attention and focus on something small but meaningful.

Focus on the long term: Envision the multitude of benefit that will ultimately become of you from this bout of growth that we did not wish upon ourselves, but has chosen you. Remember how time helps heal all wounds. Growth is part of healing. Healing is part of letting go.

No one is a pro or rocket scientist here but these are good examples.


Laugh your ass off about anything that is stupid or not. Who cares. Laughing is a wonderful way to just boost your happy self. It’s contagious.


Take a walk. Nature is really cool. It grounds me and I feel so much better after I have worked on planting. I am actually proud of myself for growing some food this year and helping the butterflies. It’s kinda neat.

The past is over. If you need to make a mends, do so. If not, move on. You may never get answers as to why but I can promise you this, often, it is because it’s a plan that is Divinely created just for you.

The past often serves as a lessons of what you don’t want and will not accept into your future. Pay attention!

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