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Why do you settle?

I’ve often asked myself why people settle for something that they don’t want, why did they choose a partner just have around when they don’t feel that flame, that firework that goes off each time they spend moments with another person?

Why do people tolerate what they detest? Why don’t you feel you deserve the best?

Why are we afraid to let go when we know it’s not going anywhere?

I’ve made excuses for many situations with many people for a very great part of my life in hopes that they would change or they would notice that I was doing my best, I was worthy of their affection, their attention and most of all, their loyalty.

I didn’t want to go through another heartbreak.

I didn’t want to deal with the pain I didn’t want to spend holidays, birthdays, gatherings all alone.

I didn’t want to sit on my couch watching silly movies and thinking about how nice it would’ve been if that person would’ve been real.

After all my experiences and there hasn’t been many but there have been enough I decided that it comes down to One thing; trust.

There is a level of comfortability that we should be able to have with another human being if we are planning to spend any kind of time with that person.