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Why we need to address the root cause?

Why Address Root Cause?

Every week you have a lot of weed growing in your lawn. If you remove the weed using a mower, does that solve the problem? Temporarily. Visually, the garden looks good. However, you probably already know that this is only at the surface level. After a short period of time, the weed will grow back. So how do you fix this long-term? If you replied “By removing the weed from its root“, you’re totally on target! Understanding a little better now?

In order for anyone of us to go forward in life we need to get to the root cause of what is eating away at us. There comes a time when we can’t blame our parents, ex, siblings, boss, whomever. We have to take responsibility for ourselves.

How did I get here, why, what’s the lesson? Where do I go from here, what’s next?

Everything starts at a baseline, an even playing field. Then comes life and we go sideways. But why? When you can get to the root cause you can begin to fix things.

With Love,


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