Comparability Birth Charts Detailed,  Specifics. Do you fit with your partner

Comparability Birth Charts Detailed, Specifics. Do you fit with your partner

In a nutshell, your birth chart explains where the planets were in the sky at the date and time of your birth. "It's a snapshot or map of the position of the planets or the stars at the time you were born," says Ms. Caporale . "Each planet has a different effect on an aspect of our life, and this illuminates that." When you order a compatibility chart for you and your partner, you will be able to understand what elements make you tick. Are you compatible? Essentially, this means that we all have the personality traits of several zodiac signs in our chart, and they correspond to different areas of our lives. For example, Venus is the planet that rules relationships, so if your Venus is in Scorpio, for instance, that means you embody those traits in your relationships — i.e. passionate, intense, loyal, and sexual.This is a comprehensive chart that looks at both you and your partner. Please e mail with date of birth, time and location of yourself and partner. You will be amazed! Charts take time... perfection is key! 


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