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Intuitive Classes Psychic Reading

Intuitive Classes Psychic Reading


Intuitive Classes (4 wk course)

Learn how to tap into your intuition with this 4 week course. 


We all have intuition. 


  • How do you tap into it?
  • How do you understand what your guides and inner GPS are saying? 
  • What do you do when you’re unsure? 
  • How do you trust it? 
  • What can your intuition teach you? 
  • How can you use it in your daily life? 



Break free of lifetimes of patterning and truly open the gateway to your soul

Grounded, step-by-step processes to reawaken and use your intuition

An understanding of your life path clarity in decision making.

The ability to manifest with ease using your connection.

Feel supported the whole way through.

Live calls with Michelle and a huge community of souls who are exploring their intuition just like you! ( or one on one)

Step-by-step processes to overcome doubt and step into empowerment and trust. Learn not to second guess.

Make better decisions in LOVE, LIFE AND YOUR CAREER.

Learn tools, ethics, spirit guides, angels, etc.

Get in touch!

This four week course provides an outline and detailed information so that you can tap in. 

You will be guided all the way through with exercises, homework, challenges and weekly coaching that I provide one-on-one. 


After your 4 week course is finished you will be able to use all the guidance given. You will benefit in professional, social and many other venues in your life. This is a detailed class with weekly and daily assignents to teach you and regular ohone and text messages to keep you on track. Though you can go at your own pace if you need to, I always make sure you are not confused and caught up. 



All classes are non refundable. 


Remember; “Your intuition is the GPS that God gave you when you were born, use it!”

  • Scheduling

    • When you purchase a session please feel free to email Michelle at or text 727-804-5958 after your session is purchased.  She will get back to you the same day and schedule you that day or soon therafter.
    • Hours: EST Tuesday – Sunday 8am -noon and 1pm-8pm

    • Every Client will receive the time allocated when a session is booked. Please be respectful and understand your time booked is dedicated to you and you only. Michelle often has a waiting list. There are no refunds. Thank You for your understanding.

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