Mediumship Classes

Mediumship Classes


Mediumship Classes (4 wk course)



  • Learn to tap in safely and connect with loved ones, guides, angels.
  • Understand the signs, signals. What does it feel like?
  • Where do you begin?
  • How to protect yourself by only allowing positive energy in? 
  • How to ground and temper.
  • Connect with guides. 
  • Understand when spirit is around. 




This four-week course provides an outline and detailed information so that you can tap in. 

You will be guided all the way through with exercises, homework, challenges, and weekly coaching that I provide one-on-one. 


After your 4-week course is finished you will be able to use all the guidance given. You will benefit in professional, social, and many other venues in your life. 

  • Scheduling

    • When you purchase a session please feel free to email Michelle at or text 727-804-5958 after your session is purchased.  She will get back to you the same day and schedule you that day or soon therafter.
    • Hours: EST Tuesday – Sunday 8am -noon and 1pm-8pm

    • Every Client will receive the time allocated when a session is booked. Please be respectful and understand your time booked is dedicated to you and you only. Michelle often has a waiting list. There are no refunds. Thank You for your understanding.


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