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12 Years later- The Caylee Anthony Case

This past August 9th, Caylee Anthony would have turned 15 years old. Caylee Anthony vanished in the summer of 2008 at just two-years old. After 31 days, Casey’s mother, Cindy, reported Caylee missing. The girl’s remains were eventually found in a wooded area near the family home. 

This case had become near and dear to my heart. It was local enough and being an Intuitive, I automatically had the alarms sounding off. It comes natural for me. It also comes with a price. The emotional factors come in whenever you are doing a cold case or investigation. Most empaths are sensitive to begin with. The good part of being empathic is it allows you to “feel, hear and see”. Being human, well, it’s rough especially when it is a child. I am a Mother of two myself. 

I feverishly conatacted the authorities like I ofren do and have. Its difficult because most Police departments will never tell you they work with an Intuitive and most departments will ignore any psychic that tries to step in. Sadly, this was the case and I was correct on where Caylee was. Non the less, it got me no where. 

Casey Anthony went on to be acquitted of murder and manslaughter charges on July 5, 2011 but was convicted of four counts of lying to police. How