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Attitude and Gratitude

I used to believe that if I was nice, honest and truly good hearted people would care about me because generally speaking I feel I am very warm and open to pretty much everyone. Most of my closest friends feel the same about their own lives.

To my surprise, this is not always the case. No one owes us and not everyone is nice. Just because the world is not always nice does not mean that we cannot be.

However, regardless of what people may do to hurt us I say we continue to live in a humble state of grace, gratitude, sharing with a happy attitude. It lifts the positive energy and you end up sharing L.O.V.E.

A few things to consider while acting in this fashion:

1) You never really know someone else’s cross. They may not even know they are hurting your feelings.

2) If they do know, shame is on them not you. Let them deal with it or not. If you were promised contact then not received it, maybe that person is not able. If they lied or broke a promise again, it is on them.

3) When giving and practicing random acts of kindness we are not supposed to be rewarded with “kudos”. I was always taught to not air my donations or throw up to someone what I may have done for them. I really try not to.

4) When you feel ignored, find something to do so you can feel better.

For the past several years of my personal life I have been feeling left aside due to the fact that in laws and even my own relatives don’t take the time to stop and call or ask how I am. Because they all know of most of my hardships, I feel alone, often resentful of them not doing something. I began to wonder what did I expect them to say or do. Are they even capable? Do they care? Why do I need to care so much? I examined myself carefully. Soul searching is a hard thing but can be rewarding. You’d be surprise what you find. Being a victim emotionally is not much fun. It serves no purpose.

Honestly, does it matter? I suppose my Grandfather would say that it should but life isn’t always so cut and dry. I stopped to think that they have their own set of issues. Maybe I should reach out to them more. See how you can flip this? I can call too! If they don’t respond so what. I don’t know all the issues that are going on with those people so who I am to judge?

Then there are some people that no matter how you try, forgive or reach out they ignore you. You may have even said you were sorry if you did something to upset them or anger them. Okay, what about that? If you are really sorry coming from a loving heartfelt place then that is all there is. Forgiveness is a rough one. To error is human, you know the rest.

We could but shouldn’t live our lives in constant drama and fear. We shouldn’t be judging this one, that one. I miss people, often tried to figure them out. I wondered what part I played, if any.  In the end I can start to see that it matters not. God deals with each of us a