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Prepare not panic

Those in California- west coast please be safe and ready. If you have emergency supplies have them where you can find them. If not, please do your best and get what you can. 💕

Also, New Zealand and Guam.

I will update this blog as I feel. The next two months feel uncomfortable to me. I may be missing something but I feel the need to keep updates to do my best to help. We prepare for hurricanes every year. Prepare for shifts with earthquakes. This is not because of the Eclipse.

Things to get; water, wipes, canned foods, batteries, any meds you need. Pet supplies, paper plates and cups, battery operated fans, tarps. Candles ( battery kind)

I've posted the above article to open people's eyes and to help understand what exactly is happening. I realize this is a separate issue but it needs to be known. If you need help I can also post where you can find things to detox your body.


Sending hugs and love


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