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Be A Happier You In 2015

2. No Expectations. People grow, change and make mistakes. Some people will help you while others will attempt to bring you down. Don’t expect too much from anyone either way. The only person’s actions and mind you can control is your own. It has taken me a very long time to understand this, truly get it. It works. It may take practice but let me tell you, it is worth leaving your expectations at the door.

3. Respect Yourself. Do not settle for anything less than what makes you comfortable, happy and worthy. Anything else would be settling. We all know what happens when you settle. Be respectful of others too but start by respecting yourself. Set your boundaries. You matter.

4. Enjoy the Now! Each day is a gift but we are so busy worrying about tomorrow, next week, month, etc. We all forgot the power of the present. Live in it. Make plans, yes, but live in this day.

5. Don’t be a Jealous Brat. Ha! Yes, I have heard and seen many a situation where people are so jealous because someone else has something they want that they are NOT happy for another. Remember Divine Timing and trusting that your time will arrive for what it is that you need. Wish others well and be genuinely happy for them. You would want the same.

6. Take that Trip or Visit that person. Again, in the now but plan. You wanted to hike in Colorado? Plan it. Life is short and very precious.

7. Volunteer. I know you may say well I am just too busy, who isn’t? Volunteering even for a small amount can truly make you appreciate what you have and who you are. Besides, it is good karma. Kindness and compassion are better than any gifts you can buy.

8. FORGIVE! Forgiveness is something we all will seek in our lives at one time or another, so forgive someone else. One day you will want that same forgiveness granted to you. It is a heavy burden to hold. It lightens the soul when you forgive.

9. Smile! I don’t care if you have teeth or not but please smile. It is contagious. It is a proven fact that it takes more muscles to frown than smile. So why not give it a shot?

10. Avoid the Drama! Be understanding of others, please. We all feel, we all hurt but if the drama is draining you walk or temper it. Stress is a killer and who needs it?

11. Last BUT not Least Love who you are and spread the love. I know I’m quirky but it’s true. Love Mother Nature, get in tune with her and others. Be good to yourself, animals, people and you will not only raise your vibration but the Planets.

To love.. It is always the answer. Stick to your plans and just do it. You can set your mind to anything.

Happy New Year!

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