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Connecting With Those Who Have Passed

Death is something we all have to face. It’s inevitable. It’s a scary topic seeing there is so much controversy over what comes after this life. From a very young age I felt and saw my own loved one’s around me. It scared me at first but then somehow I just fell into the acceptance that this was normal. I had my doubts at times so much of this was kept to myself in fear of being ridiculed. My own Faith would never condone what was happening to me. I felt like the odd ball and that is saying it nicely.

Every time I conduct a session and someone who has passed comes through, it amazes me.

I often ask myself are you sure your’e just not hearing things? Of course I am! (LOL)

I have to check in with reality, yet this is my reality. It appears that Fashion Design and art, which I still love, was not my path.

What is destined to be will be.

For the many times I have connected clients with their loved one’s, it still leaves me with the normal questions. If someone was taken so young, if there was a tragic situation or someone took their own life, it leaves questions. The end result is always the same. Each Soul find their peace as they pass into a new life, they hold memory to p