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Connecting With Those Who Have Passed

Death is something we all have to face. It’s inevitable. It’s a scary topic seeing there is so much controversy over what comes after this life. From a very young age I felt and saw my own loved one’s around me. It scared me at first but then somehow I just fell into the acceptance that this was normal. I had my doubts at times so much of this was kept to myself in fear of being ridiculed. My own Faith would never condone what was happening to me. I felt like the odd ball and that is saying it nicely.

Every time I conduct a session and someone who has passed comes through, it amazes me.

I often ask myself are you sure your’e just not hearing things? Of course I am! (LOL)

I have to check in with reality, yet this is my reality. It appears that Fashion Design and art, which I still love, was not my path.

What is destined to be will be.

For the many times I have connected clients with their loved one’s, it still leaves me with the normal questions. If someone was taken so young, if there was a tragic situation or someone took their own life, it leaves questions. The end result is always the same. Each Soul find their peace as they pass into a new life, they hold memory to pass along love, emotions, proof to those that are still here.

This brings peace. There is nothing more rewarding than bringing forth peace to someone’s heart who is in so much pain. Very often after a session is completed I will sit still and thank whomever needed to come through. It can be draining but well worth passing along what needed to be said. It proves to me over and over that Death cannot conquer love nor the soul.

The soul lives on and love really never dies.

Whether you have connected with someone or not they live on through our stories, pictures and memories. The heart holds a special place for each person.

I look forward to connecting with you.

With Love, Michelle

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