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Creating A Positive Reality

Creating  Your Own Reality

It is so much better to consciously create reality rather than always not be sure what experiences you are about to have.

You will need some time to practice this new way of living, but once you get into the habit of it, you will notice numerous benefits it brings.

Many create their reality without realizing they are doing so. They think that there is some external force constantly putting obstacles in their way and sending them hardships and rewards. This is of course very far from what is true.

We are all creators of our own realities. We attract everything in our lives that are vibration matches to us. It could be the creations of others or our created manifestations that we experience, but we always attract exact vibration matches.

Why you need to know your vibration

When you are aware which vibration level you may be on. It will be easier to create and manifest what you want in your life and for your future. If you did not change your behavior for a long time, you can determine your vibration by looking at your reality. Does it pl