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Creating A Positive Reality

Creating  Your Own Reality

It is so much better to consciously create reality rather than always not be sure what experiences you are about to have.

You will need some time to practice this new way of living, but once you get into the habit of it, you will notice numerous benefits it brings.

Many create their reality without realizing they are doing so. They think that there is some external force constantly putting obstacles in their way and sending them hardships and rewards. This is of course very far from what is true.

We are all creators of our own realities. We attract everything in our lives that are vibration matches to us. It could be the creations of others or our created manifestations that we experience, but we always attract exact vibration matches.

Why you need to know your vibration

When you are aware which vibration level you may be on. It will be easier to create and manifest what you want in your life and for your future. If you did not change your behavior for a long time, you can determine your vibration by looking at your reality. Does it please you? If the answer is yes, then you should not change anything in yourself.

When you constantly focus on the best and think about what you would like to experience, your level of vibration changes therefore your point of attraction shifts. It takes lots of time to practice and you will catch yourself veering off but I do it anyway so I can be brought back to manifesting the positive.

By doing this every day you will notice the changes in your environment because you will start attracting positive things and events into your reality. This way you will gradually change your life.

Why some people think they are powerless

Some people believe and feel they are powerless to change their situations. I will confess I have felt this way many a time. However, we are NOT powerless to change our thoughts. We fall into a thought pattern and then keep going with just that. Negative thoughts.

Sometimes we take action out of frustration but still stay in the same situation or thought. This can make us think that some external force is controlling their experiences. It’s not. It is just how we are acting and thinking.

We are surrounded by negative manifestations only because of our negative attitudes. Even if you look at something you do not like and have a bad feeling about it, this can still manifest in your future. Try to completely ignore all the negativity you are experiencing in your current reality. I know this can be hard, but this is the only way out. Positive attracts Positive and Negative is the same way.

Even if you live in horrible conditions, you can change your reality as soon as you start consciously creating your experiences. Honestly, the happier you get the happier your life gets. Visualize what you would like to experience. Keep this picture in your mind at least for a couple of minutes. You should stay happy after this visualization as long as you can, and have faith that your desire will manifest. Try not to cap it or question it.

Exercise, music, being with good supporting friends, seeing beautiful new places-– these are just a few methods to help you raise your vibration and consciously create reality you desire. Take a walk. Look at the flowers. These images will stay in your mind. One tip for sure stay away from the news and negative shows. They never report something good or enlightening. It would not make the headlines.

Even if surrounded by negativity, have in mind something positive to think about. You can also view any negative situation as ‘becoming’ rather than the hard fact that currently exists.

If you are talking to some angry person, you should see him/her as becoming more and more positive. View him/her as a person you would like to see rather than who really is facing you. This will help you greatly in keeping your vibration high. We all need to keep our vibrations high not only for ourselves but for this planet.

When you become aware that you are thinking negatively, RIGHT away try to think of some better feeling . You should realize that every single negative thought you have will manifest in some way, so it is logical for you to avoid them as much as possible.

If you only think positively, you will experience only positive manifestations. This is guaranteed.

Will anyone else I know follow suit?

It may be really tempting for you to teach others what you know about how to create reality consciously, why not? You have family and friends who may need some help and you just may want to share what you are doing. Be prepared that some of them may not be ready for such teachings; some would even consider them to be crazy thoughts.

You are only responsible for yourself, and you can help others only by making the most out of yourself.

Gratitude is such a powerful tool that brings almost instant results. When you really cannot find anything positive to think about, just be grateful for what you have. Be grateful for even smallest things that happen in your life.

When you are grateful, you raise your vibration instantly. This makes you a vibration match to more and better things that you are grateful about. It also makes you more open to other positive manifestations that you were thinking about prior.

You can start to write about things you are grateful for in a gratitude journal. Just pick any notebook and every day write about things you are grateful for and expect to receive more and better things and experiences in your near future. Today I went out to my Garden and noticed I had fresh Green Beans that were ready. As silly as it sounds I was so happy and in a state of gratitude because that was something I planted and the earth grew it. They were wonderful. I was grateful.

Try to remain positive as much as possible. If you feel that it is hard for you to remain feeling good most of the time, you should try to be grateful for what you have now. This will raise your vibration too and you will attract positive future experiences. If you should have bad days, just start over. It’s okay because we are all human.

This is a very interesting time in our lives we can all do this together and it will make an enormous difference in a most positive way.

In Positive Gratitude,


Twitter: RadioPsychic

Facebook: Michelle Caporale

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