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For Kellie – In Loving Memory

Kellie was a beautiful German Shepherd who was nearly two years old. She was found at a shelter with her sister Joy. Heart-worm positive and full of fleas. Scars were left on her body as it was obvious that she was taught to fight. Joy was used for breeding. Not even two and Kellie was fighting while Joy was breeding making people money.

Who are these people, where are these people? I will never find them, never get to speak my peace or bring them to justice. The anger comes to a boil each time I think of the abuse. I see too much abuse in this world towards animals. It needs to stop!

Kellie’s aggressive behavior brought her to the point in which her owner felt he had to put her down after she could no longer be trusted with others. She was always on watch, ready to jump and would bite. I loved her, she was sweet to me and I trusted her with my life. If I could have made her know that she did not have to be afraid and life would be good for her that would have been my wish. She did not deserve her start nor her finish. It was all due to the abusive behavior of others.

I have struggled in my heart with the what if’s and why did he put her down without some kind of behavioral therapy first? Why didn’t anyone listen? Why didn’t the rescue that she was adopted from know of this, or did they? Too many things go through your mind when you are in pain and second guessing. I blame many people. I